Dec 05


Hello my Friends and Clients.

As we approach the passing of another year it seems timely  to look at the changes afoot in the heavens and how we can heed their wise messages. We are all interconnected with the cosmos  and with each other. Surely, by aligning with the bigger cycles in nature and with the planets we flow better? It is easy to forget this.



These are the major players, changing their costumes like actors in a long running play, to pay attention to in the starry landscape above us as we move towards and into 2018:

JUPITER – our largest planet – exposing and magnifying matters deep within and on the world stage, which have been unattended

SATURN –  the realist, taking stock and valuing integrity and commitments

URANUS –  new ways of handling our resources, mother Earth and pot bound conditions

The stars ‘do not compel’ but mirror life here and within us.

If you would like to know more and about these next few weeks as well, please read on….



Just at present, we have the trickster – but often timely in its messages – Mercury, just having gone retrograde in Sagittarius. It started that backward movement – retrograde- on 3rd December and will go direct on 23rd December. The 3rd saw it conjoin with Saturn and the Full Moon in its opposite sign of Gemini.

A conundrum, as Sagittarius and a Full Moon want big expression, and Mercury, normally so fast and  active mentally, wants us to retrace steps and rectify matters. Think of retrograde as a useful time to put the prefix Re in front of our words, actions and plans.

Until the 23rd it won’t be easy to be patient or revise ideas or bring things to resolution and completion, especially as it is a busy time of year completing projects, planning new ones  for 2018 and Christmas looming.  So, let’s keep in mind the timing of all this and cooperate as best as we can with a sense of humour! It is very easy to overload ourselves and others with  negativity and  hard luck stories.  it is draining. We are here on earth in a slice of time and it is magical.

Much emphasis on the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio at present asks us to tap more into our wisdom banks and use strategies outside the box for emotional decisions and how we express assertion and anger.  Being ‘right’ or wanting to spill out resentments, blame or buried feelings won’t  pay off at all now. Getting perspective and using the available power  present to help ourselves do.

This is a time of some natural endings, conclusions and new outlooks.  So, don’t rush or fret too much.


JUPITER – our discoverer .

In mid October, some weeks ago,  this our largest planet entered new terrain unvisited for 12 years. It entered Scorpio where it will  be through 2018 until mid November.  Scorpio is the sign of transformation and rebirth, of  sex and its usage and  the usage of emotional power. A highly magnetic sign, we also have dynamic Mars  there this month. Where do you want to use your will?

Wherever Jupiter is placed in your own birth chart in the coming year signifies  growth, expansion and  a deepening of your values and power.

As it is in the sign of  sexual power, and, coming on top of the solar eclipse in late August in Leo – the sign of leaders, limelight and celebrities, it was no surprise  to an  astrologer to  expect an exposure of misuse of sex, charisma and power. Hence the plethora of harassment cases .

In myth Jupiter or Zeus regularly misused his seductive and sexual skills with humans, sometimes rape, and duly got punished. Myth mirrors life.There is a claiming back of ones power as Jupiter magnifies what it touches and brings to public attention. The rapid  use of  the words ‘gender fluid’ and transgender is showing up in an increase of young people and indeed society embracing sexual identity change. Another arena which Jupiter is magnifying.


A deeper look at our resources materially and spiritually, and  at the Earth’s resources is on the cards. Again, no surprise that the issue of plastic waste is  strongly profiled now; the oceans and eliminative functions are ruled astrologically by Scorpio, and they will have their say along with their supporters!

Scorpio is the sign of the unknown and invisible Plutonian depths and this is certainly a time of uncertainty in the world. With uncertainty, fear steps in. Can we choose to take risks  instead of freezing our energies?  Shall we bring the unlived parts of us on stage to develop new skills and forms of expression, which might, without big change, never have had an airing? I like to think so. We are actually eternally resourceful!

Connecting with the taproot deep within us has rarely been so available.


SATURN – new structures 

We enter the sign of Capricorn on the winter solstice every year. And this year, for the first time in its 26 and a half year cycle, Saturn, its ruling planet, enters that earthy, pragmatic sign.  It will make its home there for the next two and a half years. Saturn helps us get real, to stop being the scapegoat and victim and claim our own inner authority.

Capricorn energy is all about how we manage and plan things. Also how we can parent ourselves better and be more discerning as to whom we hand our authority to and relate to. The blame culture seems to me to be on the increase, and  responsibility starts within us. As we change, so others do.  I foresee a new relationship to commitments and contracts and a potential new stability  of structures which may be slow in the making but effective.

Cracks show up more and, collectively, we experience the need for different foundations and boundaries. Getting a better sense of boundaries personally will grow.  We will notice a new teacher within us guiding us.

Wherever Saturn turns up in your birth chart in this time period expect a  learning and growth in that area. Saturn rules the bones of the body and the framework of things so take your time and don’t take short cuts. In politics and on  the world stage,  we will see firmer more solid, if less exciting, leadership and restructuring  of institutions.


URANUS –  the  breakthrough maverick

In May 2018, Uranus  finishes it’s seven year cycle in Aries then and enters the slower, earthy vibration of Taurus ( for seven years). Pot bound, overly preserved situations will show cracks – Uranus is linked with earthquakes. Taurus is the energy of nature, resources and earning  and providing money and goods . I think we can expect   an urgency in how we handle our resources. And inventiveness in new ways of running business.

Needless to say  mother Earth and indeed our bodies, which come from nature,  will become increasingly sensitive  There may be interesting research and discoveries connected with the healing of both,  A greater understanding of energy itself will arise. 84-85  years ago Uranus was in Taurus before. Worth looking back at? Whatever Uranus is transiting in your birth chart will trigger change and light coming through any cracks and pot bound situations.



Because these are the  major and slower moving planets changing zodiac signs, it is as though the Spirit of the times is changing. Changing of the guard! In all areas of life and there will be growth and new awareness. Children born in this coming year; indeed the next few years,  will form a very different insight and value system. A certain maturity and awareness of collective needs will emerge as they age, creating a society built on quite different foundations and values.



I am specialising  more in timing advice nowadays. Helping people choose the optimum timing for start ups, events, business changes and  personal changes.  I am still doing my regular astrological work of course and talks and radio shows.

Thank you all of you who have purchased my book  “The Time Catcher.” I am very appreciative of this. There is still time to order it for Christmas .

And still time to book a reading with me or order one as an Xmas gift for someone!

I was fortunate to win an award through my publishing and media company Radio Works World last month, at The Stardust awards in London. I am so blessed to be part of this world and am grateful for the open heartedness and opportunities that comes my way through them. Thank you!

Public Talks coming up.:

I will  be giving a free talk on ‘The Art Of Timing’ at Kensington and Chelsea Library lecture theatre , London, on 23rd January 2018 at 18.00  hours


And one at same venue and time on 26th February 2018 on  ‘De mystifying Astrology’

I hope to see some of you there!


 I wish you all a truly peaceful, loving Christmas and Holiday time and a wonderful next new year of your lives in 2018

With  My Very Warm Wishes



Aug 02

August And The Eclipses – Clearing The Decks



I wanted to write about this pivotal time as I believe changes come at the right time, in the heavens and in our lives. Understanding the language of the planets and their messages gives us valuable clues for growth, and handling new chapters. I hope you find this helpful and, of course, timely! Dip back into this from time to time as the eclipse paths approach.

You can read the  messages here or  please visit  my blog site










HOW do those headings sit with you? I chose them as  navigational pointers to address this transformative month of August.

As I  start writing it is the 1st August – the date in the Celtic northern calendar called Lammas, and one of the  nature points in the year which intersect the equinoxes and Solstices. This  festival is the pivot point between summer solstice and autumn equinox  in the northern hemisphere, marking the beginning of the harvest. In the southern climes change and an inner ‘handing over’ to the powers of nature are at work in a different but still cyclical way. The nature part of us is asking us  to be aware of this especially as we experience clearing  grounds  now and upcoming choices.

In the wheel of the year, the sun deity transfers its power into the grain and is sacrificed when the grain is harvested, creating new life and  a reaping of what has been sown.

At this time of  a  pivotal eclipse season, look back at the duo of eclipses in February six months ago  and peruse the connections between then and now. Did events and  realisations  have a resolution or are they returning now? Events this month will shed their lights and shadows in the coming six months. Anything illusionary or unclear will be faced – and I would encourage a re think of what we pretend is okay when it is not.

Simplifying matters, paring them down to what really is happening, is key now. In general, making things a bit simpler will be healthy too,



We will no doubt be hearing much about the coming eclipses which occur on 7th and 21st August.  The latter one sees a total eclipse path right across the United States, ending near the east coast and touching the president’s rising degree in late Leo.  The last one was 99 years ago. Significant, for sure! It is aligned with the fixed star Regulus, also called the king or royal star.

Whilst this can highlight leaders and royalty – history  books tell of  the demise or fall of these people at eclipse times – as  individuals we have the opportunity to address what or whom  we put on pedestals and give our power to without even realising it. Time to leave the stage!  Do remember, after endings and change there is fresh new life – we don’t fall off the end!

What about our inner leader and claim to – if not fame – then new recognition?  Whose light has been eclipsing your own for too long?  Why have you allowed it, even whilst blaming or finding excuses for them?  It is quite easy also for carers and caretakers to have their own needs  gradually eclipsed by another and wake up calls occur when this goes on too long.



Are you open to change and a new relationship with Self? Are you wanting to be truly heart centered and, with courage, clear some decks and patterns of reaction which have become entrenched due to fear and habitual familiarity? If so, this is going to prove an exciting and liberating time period as we journey through the latter part of 2017.

Especially from late August, with Saturn going direct after many months, there will be clarity regarding why some circumstances have been held back – ambitions goals and the like. Seeing the importance of divine timing, seeing  where there have been weaknesses and strengthening our tools of trade can start to pay off now and better roots can grow.



This a time period which gives access to its spirit in the form of a gift!  By allowing it in it provides the ability to know when we are out of sync or lonely due to a mismatch between ourselves and people, places and jobs. Ingrained reactions can battle too easily with new life. Blame and its culture, so prevalent at present, and uncertainty, which makes us feel out of control, thus encouraging hanging onto the wrong things, show up in tiredness, repeating scenarios and distractions.

The eclipse duo this month brings us to the heart of matters. The regal sign of Leo and its polarity sign of Aquarius is having its time on stage – Self and the bigger community. Fairness and shining ones own light can  combine well or… be in conflict. To be in harmony with these necessitates being centred and authentic. Only then can we make right decisions, especially in the matters of the heart – Leo ruled – and inner leadership.

Matters and cause and effect are accelerating fast now, personally and on the world stage.  Circumstances, when we have distracted ourselves or been in denial about something unresolved or festering, arise which are tailor made to  shunt us forward. Bright mirrors and wake up calls occur. The higher self’s urge to grow and not waste our precious life is at work.



There is only one You and it is unique. Nobody else can be you. The new understanding of ego and valuing self grows at this time. Not the  egotistical ‘I am right’ attitude and misuse of power but  the being open to shining our light by knowing the personal and universal soul better (both are big lights.) Honouring your uniqueness is a big message now.

The total solar eclipse on 21st August highlights this message. The  partial lunar eclipse on 7th August highlights both Leo and Aquarius. Aquarius seeks the inner and outer friend and the companionship of walking into a future in equality and not hierarchy. Tall orders!  A theme though to be graceful and open with.

Eclipses have been seen since ancient times as clearing houses, endings which are overdue and, especially with the solar one on 21st, a re setting of consciousness and re awakening of  a latent part of us.   As I mentioned, the  ancients associated eclipses with the demise or fall of  leaders and other public figures. Indeed this is not uncommon. Things needing to be eclipsed are the shadow side of Leo –  arrogance,  concern with how people see us, pride and dominance.  The  light which emerges afterwards of new possibilities arising out of the inner death of old identities we carry can be joyful. With the eyes of a child we see life anew.



With a stellium of planets in fire signs in August we have the opportunity to get a jump start in areas where we have been stagnant or unconscious. Avoiding impulsiveness and anger and accidents is  a message at this time too.  Again, feeling  centered and avoiding the powerful emotional charge and  burn out that eclipses  can bring is a test which. as individuals. we can choose to work with. Being very present in our actions and  decisions  puts us in contact with our creative source which is healthy and empowering.

Being creative with problems and  solutions  and using the passion of the heart – the word ‘courage’ comes from the French and Latin  for heart,  ‘coeur’ and ‘cor’ .  These eclipses allow us to move our passion, the creative fire through us, and be used.  It is easy to let our hearts deaden and play safe. This is not the time for that.



So… what needs ending and what needs new life? At heart we know the answer !   It just demands being self honest and not letting the  pasts which are up for releasing get misplaced on a shelf in the future.

Clarity is the hardest task as some spiritual writings say.  However, when we allow the dust to fly away, we see ourselves in a new light. With the eclipses highlighting the line up of the Earth, Moon and Sun on 7th and 21st August, we have a window in time to take a new look at the past, present and future and, with the freewill of the creative spirit within us , navigate new pathways.



I have over the years heard from many clients how, when they have put off making timely, authentic change; maybe they have been stuck in disempowering situations, that, when they have harnessed the muscle of  courage knowing their life is precious,  in time the result becomes increasingly liberating!  Even when change has been forced on them the same applies.

Unlived parts of themselves come on their stage of life which otherwise might not have done,

Choice or ‘fate’  have stepped in and removed the road blocks!  Cul de sacs had no place any longer.

When we fear  for example losing some earnings or  some familiar but toxic situations because we might just fall into a waiting hole instead of a new and more healthy and vibrant situation, there is a tiredness, a  tightening feeling and a deadening of the life force. We don’t know who we are any more it seems!

So what do we choose – Love or  Fear? The body will always tell you if you are dragging old skins into the future. Life is full of guiding signs to alert us!

Our birth right and lineage is highlighted with the Leo /Aquarius eclipses in August. The creative spirit to solve problems and shine our light – Leo- and the friendship for self and other;  the walking in equal companionship with them – Aquarius. Leo represents the child and play and Aquarius the perennial curiosity. Both keep us young. We do not have to think old as we get older, unless we choose to. The body follows suit if we do the latter.

The  ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, the maverick and reactionary, went  retrograde on 2nd August and, as it stationed this past week of late July and first week of August, you may be noticing an increased impatience and  dislike of others actions and responses. Look within!



Leading up to the 7th,  allow things to show themselves more and provide some overdue answers. As we then move through the two week window leading to the solar eclipse on 21st, it might be wise to not initiate big matters. In astrological research it is found that things started  at eclipse times can get eclipsed, even falter later on . It is a healthy time though to see what needs to go, change its form and use the power to  come out from any shadows and start shining.  Strengthening our inner resources – our store house- is good policy now.

Eclipse energy can zap and weaken our physical bodies,  just as it stresses the Earths crust. So be wise. Get more rest to avoid the  burn out of its powerful emotional charges,  and take time to be centered so new pathways can show up. Reacting in old ways now will be a sure way to sabotage this!

With transformation times, there is always guidance at hand. Just be aware of its presence.   What needs to go now will go and what is really ours and best for our growth in all areas of life will stay.

It is indeed a clearing house time and approaching this with love as a companion is helpful.

Enjoy the child within this month knowing re generation at the heart centre is underway. From this all else follows.

Lighten up by knowing happiness is king when we acknowledge what needs to pass so we can turn the page into the next chapter.



If you would like to know  where these eclipses open up horizons for you in your birth chart or your business’ chart, or it is timely to have a  look at your chart with me  do contact me at

My book, “The Time Catcher” : How to time your actions to turn challenges into opportunities”  is available on my website








Feb 21

Trusting our Inner Timekeepers In A Time Of Change: by Ysanne Lewis


Welcome to my first blog of 2017! And welcome to my new book  “The Time Catcher.”

It is lovely to be  in touch with you again. I have been amiss in not writing for a few months, but I was immersed in writing my book  “The Time Catcher.”  I  was thrilled to have  this published recently.  Based on my  work of 38 years – come 1st March –   as an astrologer and timing consultant,  I very much wanted to make accessible a complex subject and inspire and inform you my clients and the public at large.

I have been told it is written in the narrative style, and indeed, it is based on radio shows where I was the Timing Host for Radio W.o.r.k.s World; an international media  station. Along with over 100 other hosts from many countries we aired our expertise to uplift and educate people and it has been a lovely edition to my life. Seamlessly, the content for my book fell into place.

Recognising how we are all connected with the planets, nature and cycles and patterns has been a dream of mine to write about for a long time. Some or much of it may ring bells and be familiar,  and other content will be new to you.  At a time in the world where there seems so much uncertainty and  division, it is important to align with the bigger picture and  know there is guidance and meaning in the natural world and the cycles we can observe in the heavens, our bodies and life here on Earth. I have pulled together many threads and this book contains tips and tools to flow more with timing – not clock time but that of our inner timekeepers, which are in  a dance and rhythm with nature and the cosmos.


Many of my clients have urged me to write this book, so here it is… Do please email me at  if you would like a copy and  to arrange it, or just go into this link:

The Time Catcher

or visit it at my website


    Since I last wrote to you, much change has occurred,  hasn’t it?  It is instinctive to feel ‘on alert’ as we never know  what will happen next it seems. We forget change is actually the norm in life but we don’t like it when things are out of our control and challenge our beliefs and way of life.  So, how can you tend to  inner change and keep yourself on track? How can you trust your inner timekeepers?

When things go along steadily and  there are roles and defined characters, it is easy to get a bit lazy and, unlike children, who are natural explorers and like trying out new identities and activities, we let lie fallow and slumbering unlived parts of us. With a crisis and when change is forced on us, we find these parts getting an airing and being used. They may not have done so otherwise! Often we look back and see meaning  and value in that.


What unlived parts are surfacing in you now? Like actors coming on stage with different costumes, you are actually growing and having the opportunity to be more whole. Your birth chart is a landscape of  characters, stories and talents. However, many of us stick with the tried and true and observe others playing out the parts we don’t.  As cycles in our lives move and cycles on the world stage move, you can allow latent skills and resources to surface. This past year has seen  the need for this. It can keep you youthful as well.

Blaming the outside is never a good look or stance, but people who are finding new opportunities coming to them because of being open and accepting of new chapters in their lives and in history, and working with  rather than against change,  are finding this quite a magical time. It is a privilege in some ways to be alive now, and though you may feel awash with confusion at times, finding the inner compass and  signals in the fog is very possible. It is okay to not know! That awareness gets you out of your own way and allows in higher guidance and serendipitous meetings and happenings. It is all too easy to use old mind sets and busyness when you are vulnerable to create more fogginess.

So, what is happening in the mirror of the heavens – what messages are there to be translated?



The planet of growth social concerns and learning, Jupiter, has been in the sign of Libra since last autumn It is travelling through it until late  October 17th 2017. Libra is the balance point of the zodiac, and issues of fairness, justice and re balance are high on the agenda. New legislations and political relationships and partnerships are common. Look back 12 years to  late 2004 through 2005. What was happening then? This time round, Jupiter is in opposition to rebellious Uranus and  in a 90 degree angle to powerhouse Pluto.  What are you feeling philosophical and even opinionated about? Or who in your life is behaving like that?

Reform, mavericks popping up, and fresh air – welcome or not – cannot be avoided on the world stage. In your personal life how are these things showing up? Can you be inventive with challenges now? Can you avoid complaining and being too impulsive? Can you instead invest wisely in your time and self to allow light into the  cracks you observe in the structures around you?

This winter and early spring time sees some old patterns get a final review. If not final, then at least a good look at them will present itself.



Firstly, we are between two eclipses. The lunar one at the full Moon was on February 11th and – as they come as a pair – the solar eclipse one at the new Moon will be on February 26th. Eclipses clear the  way for new starts and often see endings in one form or another. They affect the earth’s energy field and thus our physical bodies. Watch for connections between the 11th and 26th.

In August there are again two eclipses  on 11th and 21st.  Again, connections between this month of February and then will be obvious. The total solar eclipse on 21st August,  at the last degree of Leo, over the USA, will highlight leadership issues,. It is on the same degree as  President Trump’s ascending  degree ( degree rising when he was born).  Let’s wait and see what transpires…. This past year, things that have got too established and rigid, have certainly seen eruptions.

May I advise in these next few days to rest a little more, clear some decks and not push the tide? Our bodies are intertwined with the cosmos and nature, and cooperation serves you well when you  get the messages so beautifully laid out in the skies.  The Sun and Moon lined up with Neptune on 26th, and Mars with Uranus, can make us all feel unpredictable with a push towards action which isn’t well thought out. In Pisces, idealism, extra sensitivity and deep unconscious awakenings can emerge. What is fantasy and what is real now and in the coming weeks?

It is a good clearing house if you don’t feel swamped by the oceanic  waves. Ride them and harness your imagination, knowing you are a soul in human form and your thoughts and emotions  can be harnessed positively and not rule you! What needs to leave will, and the new path, maybe overdue, beckons. The unfamiliar may prove delightful but you won’t know that until you try it. There is an emphasis on the fire and water signs now and in March, so use their creativity and intuition to help steer you. Not forgetting you need to feel grounded. Often, it is as though we are cut off at the ankles, not being connected with the earth and our  sense of belonging to life here.

We all need timely reminders to re-evaluate our direction. This is when planets turn retrograde and we can take stock and pause.  Balance is vitally important this year, so getting centered, taking – if only for minutes – time out and being present, will pay off. There is no hurry, even if the outside world is telling you there is!



From the 4th March to 15th April the planet Venus is in retrograde mode.  Compared to Mercury doing this at least three times a year, this is not a common activity of Venus.  It is the least common occurrence of all the retrograde planets. Less than ten per cent of people are born with it retrograde. Those folk find it harder to trust and have very strong inner values,  dislike superficiality and can carry hurts and feel ‘different’.  Venus is all about values and what you value. How you are loved and are loved and how you find beauty and richness in life, regardless of income.  The prefix ‘re’  applies in your thoughts and actions to self value,  valuables and money, relationships and creativity. Your core values are exposed.

How are you valued by others? Does it reflect how you value yourself?  In its synodic eight year dance with the Earth,  Venus traces a rose shape in the heavens and incorporates the golden mean proportion,  found in sacred architecture.   It also incorporates  the  Fibonacci numbers which  show up in our body, spirals, shells  and plant and flower proportions. As above, so below, and  Venus mirrors our need to love, release and  re-evaluate.

It is closest to the Earth at this time, highlighting  this timely look at core values and attachments.

Who is ready to enter your life? Who is ready to leave it and have a new  start? When Venus goes  direct after April 15th, this is a good time to make  fresh  starts, a new business  enterprise,  a creative hobby or a new love life.  Above all, a new relationship with Self beckons. In the sign of Aries, independence of an authentic kind wants to be acknowledged. It is too easy to be in a relationship for non authentic  reasons of neediness, co-dependency, and familiarity where groundhog day (repeating) scenarios keep happening.



When you get enough signals  from life you can grow or you can get pot bound.  A look at your commitments and how you are valued is perhaps overdue.  Venus, in her nature aspect, does not like being pot bound. As long as she can  grow and see her partner grow and her values grow she is happy. This is your springtime now to address these matters. How much richness  can you feel just by being alive and getting a good and healthy balance between giving and receiving is a lovely task ahead.

Look back eight years at what was happening in March 2009 when Venus was retrograde then in Aries. Are you still repeating emotional patterns or, like organic life,  are you growing and having healthy relationships?

When she is retrograde, she is in the ‘underworld’ and not with the pretty flowers, and old pain and angers can surface. Only you, though, can choose to let go and value life in new ways. You may find  old loves return or old issues with people re surface. Valuing what has passed and looking with new eyes at what you were  or are attached to is needed.  Time out to do this is advisable.

Timing is everything; it is no coincidence when cycles come into play and things ‘return’ to be looked  at as to whether they are in balance or not. With Jupiter in Venus’s home sign, Libra, this year, it really is  a wake up call to learn to love in healthy ways and value your core needs better. The better you value yourself the better relationships you can have, knowing it is an honor to share time with someone  as well as  enjoying your own space equally.

If things are toxic and not being addressed, what a waste of one’s precious life.  When you fear loss you freeze things in your mind.  A bit like an account being frozen! There is so much richness to enjoy, and the more  you appreciate the things you have, people you know and have known, and the beauty around you which is free,  you encourage richness and above all inner freedom.

This year presents, it seems to me and through the lens of astrology,  the perfect opportunity to raise our consciousness to a higher, healthier level. Humor, kindness and the adventure of exploring meaning in our lives,  allow us to be true observers and not judgers of life. Whatever you fight or hate tells you something you are  allowing to  inwardly imprison you, preventing free flow of  love and acceptance of  change.

The unlived parts of you want to  be on a path of discovery this year. Let them take you to new places in your mind and heart, whilst the world is going through its upheavals and changes, and some lovely alignments will show up in your life.  Move gracefully with time and your world.


Thank you for reading this and  for your support over the years! If you feel it is timely to have an update of your birth chart and let me help you navigate your map this year do contact me.

Have creative days ahead






Aug 31

September’s Eclipse Opportunity Path – and Us.


     On the eve of the monthly New Moon it seems significant to write a few lines about its importance as this month we have two eclipses – they come as a pair! On the New Moon tomorrow morning  September 1st at 10.30 am BST we have the solar one when the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Virgo line up with the Earth creating an intensiy of energy.

As the Moon momentarily blocks the Sun’s radiation, lunar issues such as the past, old programming and habits come up for re assessing and releasing. As we have been moving into this the past three days, during the dark of the Moon, it has been and still is important to rest more and allow a leting go and sieving of stuff! We may have noticed more tiredness and an inner pull away from moving forward in the usual manner! resistance to the inner tides now is more stressful than usual. Don’t worry if you have felt more locked into past patterns, memories and imaginings. They are coming up for release. The Earth herself feels this too with earth tremors being usual and  unexpected weather  patterns.


Eclipses mark turning points and where this one is in our charts they highlight transformation and upgrading of perception, Without beating ourselves up it is timely now to be more discerning where we are of service to others and to ourselves. To upgrade or reboot our inner teacher and intuitive, discerning self is helpful now.
Eclipses zap the earth’s energy – electro magnetic field- so our physical bodies feel perhaps a bit clogged and tired. But in Virgo,  where also Mercury and Jupiter are at present, we need to be aware of our nervous systems and and mind sets  as well  and how they are running us. Simple disciplines help now or resting more and being ‘mindless’ for spells of time. Virgo is the sign of the harvest – what do we keep, what do we eliminate?  It:’s the ‘digestive’ sign of the zodiac in all meanings of that word. How do we assimilate /digest life and our thoughts?At this time how is that affecting our health, weight and vitality?

This theme leads us into the Lunar eclipse in Pisces/Virgo on the 16th September when there is a Full Moon,
highlighting the need to heal as well as connect the heart and mind, body and soul. These two eclipses , two weeks apart, fall in the axis of Virgo and Pisces , the polarity of  assimilation and releasing, analysis and intuition.  A very sensitive polarity which we all have somewhere in our birth charts, regardless of our sun/star sign. How we look after the environment , the Earth’s body, as well as our own plays a big part and I can envisage issues relating to health care, medical institutions and conservation being paramount this month.
So quite some healing month this September will be with perhaps some old wounds being activated with the opportunity to gently heal them in ourselves and others. We may see new discoveries and breakthroughs with medicine and alternative healing. Above all choosing to heal ourselves in gentler and wiser ways will come more easily to us.


With the planet Mercury having gone retrograde since 30th August in Virgo (until 22nd Sept) , we recognise the possibilities of re negotiating and revisiting ideas and contacts in new ways, Right through September we realise we don’t know it all and can allow new perspectives and tecniques even to provide answers which are timely. This applies equally to day to day matters to affairs of the heart and soul! The prefix’ Re’ should accompany our actions and thoughts.  Areas such as health, how we mentor ourselves, and employment issues will take precedence and rectification possible.

Strong aspects to outer planets of our solar system at these eclipse times challenge us to look at where we have given our power away to illusions and addictive tendencies, and urge us to extricate ourselves from fear based beliefs which create poor choices. Saturn and Neptune form their third and final square to each other – a journey (this time round) started in in 1988.  Are we ready to  address the pull between Saturn – boundaries healthy and otherwise,  and Neptune – escapism , compassion and no limits?

This aspect is exact on September 10th. It will be exactly 180 months since 9/11 –  A wake up point and opposition point in the zodiac wheel of 360 degrees.  Let us personally and globally take this opportunity time  not to create division and  tense opposition, but to form new and healthier agreements.  This may not seem too likely at present in the world, but the on going planetary transits show the need for new co operations and different ways of thinking. The Saturn /Neptune fog of recent years acts like a melting pot so new life can emerge. These eclipses in September  indicate new pathways emerging from it which we can CHOOSE to follow.

What stories we tell ourselves, what activities and routines we employ, come under the microscope now, and wake up calls this coming month can be welcomed so we can adjust the lenses we see ourselves and the world thrtugh. We are told the mind with its thoughts affect our bodies. In this month of September we can enjoy aligning those two and gain a more comfortable relationship from being in a body and choosing how we see, think and thus relate to things.

Jul 06

Summer and the planets – Embracing Uncertainty with Creative Vision

       Hello  and welcome to my insights on  this pivotal  half way  point in 2016 !


  • Uncertainty and the inner compass
  • Fractures – letting light and space in
  • Referendum in United Kingdom
  • Summer outlook astrologically
  • Mars highlighting new  plans from chaos.


    Well, change is in the air for  sure this year. When  faced with difficulty, our brains make up a story  – a natural reaction as we can’t  tolerate uncertainty easily. Checking all the facts and then  ‘owning’ our stories so there is a positive outlook arising from the unknown helps!

Not just in the UK, and seismic shocks are happening big time here,  a sense of suspension  is present.  I think the words  ‘being present’ are vital as I will explore with you…

Just as the Creator gave us life then when we are being creative, whether with problems or with re creation and new beginnings, that is when we are most alive!



I have been asked by many clients and friends to write a little about the referendum held in the UK on June 23rd – to  remain in or leave the EU. So here are some thoughts and, for those interested in the astrological ‘take’ on it, some  insights from research done.

Running for the hills or panicking or being fearful when there are elections, breakups and an unsure climate in many places, affect us all collectively, but let us remember we live under a common sky and, as  physics and astrology show – as above so below .  That when we recognise everything is intrinsically connected, that we are not separate  except in our  left brain minds and societal laws,  and the bigger cell, the solar system we are part of,  has a web and patterning we can align with, we can take a deep breath within the suspense and choose not to reinforce our sense of isolation and illusion of separateness.

Saturn is in opposition – one and a half cycles on – to its  position in the 1973 chart for the EU, and transiting Pluto, transformation and volcanic action /reaction  activates foundations, associations and destiny in the 1973  chart. Changes were likely if new compromises and agreements could not be  reached.  Rather scary as Saturn and Pluto are  tough teachers hence the need for some patience and new communications,  not  ‘blame and name’ tirades.

Saturn rules gravity so finding your own centre of gravity is the key now. The rebellious planet Uranus is in opposition to its natal point as well. Nothing is cast in stone but fragmented situations politically and in unions are sorely tested with these major transits of planets.  Building new foundations, trust and healthy agreements between countries is the next call as these cycles – as they always do – move. I truly believe that.

Mars and the Euro – astrology take.

For those of you who know something of astrology, I looked at the chart of the  introduction  of the Euro – 31st Dec 1998. Its horizon  lies in  Taurus /Scorpio – important signs of finance and values – and has Mars, (severance and conflict  as well as   positive initiative and bravery, vitality),  transiting over the descendant of the chart – the ‘other’ and partnerships. It is often found  in that position in court cases of divorce, and the spilt from the EU – not Europe, but its federal and political part –  has been likened to a messy divorce.

The pertinent point astrologically lies in the fact that Mars has been retrograde ( appearing to move backwards, due to speeds of itself and the Earth) for a couple of months and ‘coincidentally’ was reaching its stationary degree at the time of the referendum. In other words, it has been at 23 degrees Scorpio  from 18th June until 9th July approaching.  A tricky  time to make decisions and move forward.  And for any action to do with individuation and anger a dodgy time  for leadership!  Interestingly, Mars was at that  same degree of the zodiac  in February when specific concessions were agreed by the EU and UK. That degree returned in late June.

At a personal level  how have you been feeling at this time with Mars in that position? Feedback  I have received from many areas tells me people have felt rather stuck, off kilter. With Mars having moved ‘direct’ as from June 30th, gradually there will be more clarity, positive energy and cleaner type of power to use. So don’t rush things or react too quickly. It’s a bit like an engine restarting or a changing of gears –  a skilful touch is needed.

New season, new growth

At the summer solstice – the ingress into Cancer ( in the north and the opposite in the southern hemisphere) Saturn which rules reality checks, learning the hard way, pruning and  sometimes holdups and endings, was overhead in the charts of London and Europe.  In that position it rules governments, monarchy, reputations and leaders of state. As the solstice around June 21st set the stage for the following  season of 90 days, it  doesn’t encourage rush or  pushing forward. its positive aspect lies in re building, restructuring and gaining a greater sense of authenticity and inner authority. A real growing up time beckons because with a sense of fragmentation, forthcoming elections and the like happening.  it is vital we get a higher sense of unity – and that starts within us.

Inner Compass

With the mirror of the planetary cycles highlighting our pull generally between boundaries (father time Saturn)  and dissolving the status quo and flowing, (nebulous  Neptune),   knowing  how to use our hours wisely- when to ride the waves and when to  drop anchor temporarily- can be empowering. Not  reacting in impulsive  ways but resonating with the spaces in between words and thoughts would serve us this  year. The Saturn /Neptune cycle I wrote about in my May blog got going this time round in history in 1989. Its quadrant phase is now and just as walls came down  and new freedoms found in the former phase  we now  see new crises,  new urges for freedom and major decisions regarding boundaries and reality checks.

The final square of these two very different planetary energies is in  early September this year when we might expect some solutions arising out of crisis. At its highest -holy grail- level, the boundary dissolving power of Neptune  is a catalyst for compassion at a global level. Saturn constricts this compassion with more earthy concerns and fears, some worth  pragmatic discussions and some definitely not, for fear is never a good adviser!

It may seem life is a bit confusing at present and the normal guidelines have taken a hike, but just as the planets mirror perfect timing whether in their short lived cycles like new moon to full moon or longer ones, we are at some level always ready when crossroads face us. Embracing and being tender with uncertainty first  as a friend not a foe, and then bringing on stage the magical creator which so often doesn’t get an airing,  allows in the words from a song : ” There’s a crack, a crack in everything; that’s where the light gets in.” 


Finding your Pivot to find security

Security is a word and state of mind that has come to the front of affairs. It is easy to say inner security is the important thing in life but not always easy to harness. However, as long as we  know it is  there for us to explore now and to find its pivot within us in whatever way we know best, we are then flowing with the theme of this year. Spreading kindness, listening to others more and being and growing in the moment  stabilizes and puts into perspective uncertainty and the unknown.

Being creative with change when there are wake up calls is a gift from the universal spirit, and,  just as on the world stage countries are making big  decisions with resultant fear and mistrust, now is the time to find our  centres inside and move forward in positive ways with what is happening. Trusting our inner compass when diverse opinions and advice are rife, is not just a test but a huge step forward to finding the way home to a larger part of ourselves which has been waiting in the wings.

The New Moon on 4th July in  Cancer feels symbolic of new birth and the capacity to receive, reflect more and  surrender more to our intuition. There are six planets in water signs at present, water being the in breath and flow of the zodiac. There are beautiful water signs ‘grand trines’ between the end of June and July 22nd in the heavens linked with Venus, Mercury, Chiron ( the healer of wounds) and Mars. Take time out to feel their gift and meaning. Time to contemplate, heal festering wounds and misunderstandings and be open to Source – the latter being so much bigger than issues around us –  can give us the gift of a gentler and creative July.

In later July the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo encourage  the courage of the heart and bigger steps forward in our personal lives and sense of purpose, but these coming couple of weeks are best used for gestating ideas and plans and  replenishing inner reservoirs!

Expansive Jupiter in Virgo  until September 9th  is refining yet expanding our vision of where and how best we can be of service to ourselves and society. Together these messengers support and protect us when we tune in to their inner counterparts – in our hearts. When Jupiter enters Libra, the sign of balance and agreements and partnerships after September 9th, politically there will be decisions  of import, especially with – hopefully- fair and balanced trade and societal issues, including the migration crisis.

There is huge potential at this time.  I see the planetary cycles as mirrors  which  enable us to be guided here on Earth when understood with the wisdom inherent in them – known for millennium. Recognising also that  our bodies are part of nature  we can cooperate with our inner natural diaries and timekeepers at this pivotal time and feel a real connection with everything around us. Becoming more alive is part of the gift of the configurations in the heavens this year – mutable, questioning and changeable energies.

Find your inner pivot and gravity whilst allowing the bigger picture to elevate you  and inspire love, not fear and excitement with changing, not resistance.

This is an important journey for our hearts and souls right now : this is where we can feel unity with the whole planet.



If you feel my guidance via your personal  birthchart or  business chart would be timely now at this awakening time please contact me at

Wishing you creative and regenerative times ahead!






May 02


This month of May brings a sense of new fertility and creativity to mind  A month of general re wiring of our thoughts and values is approaching which will help to unravel some of the uncertainties around..  Also,  in the northern hemisphere abundance and joy in nature’s growth and increased warmth.

So what are the planets reflecting to us at this time of  changing currents and shifting sands?

People say to me “Oh no, Mercury is retrograde again, and Mars  is as well! When will things improve? And why am I staying in outmoded relationships, jobs etc  just because of fear there might not be anything better?”

Let’s look at those points and put them in better  perspective: .Planets in retrograde are part of life’s rich cycles and help us re wire and re tune our everyday ways of approaching life. A shake up and an opportunity to revisit ideas and re frame situations are likely. Reminders of things overlooked and  in need of an MOT or overhaul will occur. If we have been lax about rectifying and backing up data and commitments, Mercury is  a timely reminder. The other four retrograding planets- Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, assist in helping us make necessary changes.


Mercury goes retrograde three or more times a year for about three weeks on each occasion;  knowing this allows our inner authority to make some shifts in our outer as well as inner lives. If there are ‘ trickster’ like Mercury happenings – delays, alterations and indecision –  so be it as quite often they work to our advantage in the longer term. We look back and see there has been a need for such things. People  may re enter our lives, lost objects can be found, and we have a wonderful opportunity to review  our lives and activities and harness the intuition – our inner satnav. Of course go  ahead but look at the details and use discernment.

So, this mercurial body went retrograde at 6.20 pm BST on 28th April and will  turn  direct on 23rd May. Just over three weeks.  Use this time wisely and pace yourself. Everything will then  get done with  grace and an inner relaxed attitude.


The slower moving planet, Mars, our warrior and go getter risk taker, has a slower retrograde term. We have till the end of June, when it goes direct again, to re assess ( the prefix RE wants a big say with retrograde times)  how we choose to assert ourselves and deal with any inner or outer  conflict. Energy can be lower and resiliance  needed, so taking  tips from the more spiritual martial arts techniques  – how to be strategic and creative with conflict and confrontation – is advisable.  Pacing self and being centred  when stamina is weaker is paramount.

At present there are five planets retrograde: surely a good time to think and act differently?  On 9th May Jupiter will go direct and  we will feel an expansive energy which we can use, especially with  trade and travel. Take time to allow the right things and people to come in.


On  May 9th we can see Mercury cross the face of the Sun ( Don’t look with naked eye) shining a bright beam on communications on the world stage . The combination of Jupiter  going direct  on that date and highlighting public figures and beliefs, and Mercury – how we agree , don’t agree and communicate from that basis- bring to the foreground truths and clarity about on going political and societal  matters. Many of us are choosing to bring about big changes in our worlds, relationships, residence, career etc. We are really on ‘the move’ this year. The general air of unsettledness can challenge us to embrace the tides of change or feel like drifters. What do you choose?

The New Moon on 6th May in Taurus forms a  lovely earthy grand  trine with Jupiter  and Pluto empowering our sense of security and strengthening our purpose. A good date for seeding new ventures and reinforcing worthy ones!

The Full Moon on 22nd May sees a strong opposition between the Moon and Mars in Sagittarius  to the Sun in Gemini.  Mars is closest to Earth at that time and it is wise then to avoid projecting stuff onto others! Faulty reasoning and mind sets can  learn that truth transcends right and wrong and judgments.  The alternative is to squabble or fight even with self or the outer world!

Einstein talked about ‘holy curiousity’  and, if we can  be wide eyed at the mystery  of not knowing, I truly believe we will receive the  answers which have been there all the time and which we clouded our vision to. Our minds are so clever aren’t they, creating stories and opinions  about our selves which are not useful. The bringer of authenticity, Saturn is currently in the sign of Sagittarius, the translator of information and the creator of making meaning   out of the parts of the whole. In its journey through that sign we are being encouraged to choose useful stories and find meanings in ways we had hitherto ignored.



With the on going square – 90 degree angle of tension – between Saturn and Neptune until 17th June, we experience a build up of the pull between boundaries and limitlessness.  Many of our belief systems are being challenged,  not least where we have over extended ourselves and  need to consider ( the word consider means ‘with the stars’ in latin)   how to consolidate, and have healthy limits. The EU referendum approaching on June 23rd is an example in point.

Fear is never a good adviser and, in our personal lives as well as with global issues,  sensing the accuracy of  and exploring the information that comes our way is vital.  It is no surprise that there is a general air of uncertainty around.  And this pair of planets mirror that uncertainty. Don’t let’s forget that the lovely word excitement can replace not knowing.  Honouring our unique specialness and knowing  that although we can indeed be susceptible to collective thoughts  we can choose  to move away from the soup fog of  others and the media’s anxious messages. That  is so  rejuvenating and creates the glow of  finding oneself again.



The word tenderness comes to my mind  when I hear the comments about uncertainty and  frozen feelings regarding  making changes.  Tenderness softens inner resistance and allows timely change.  It’s not weakness, The more we rush at present, mis aligning with life,  the more we lose certainty and answers.  It’s up to us whether we want to grow up and take self responsibility or run around in circles of thoughts making everyone dizzy! As the song goes’ Try a little tenderness’

Feel that word and observe how your body and facial muscles respond!



Re vamping is always useful and in recent weeks I have re vamped my website It has had a facelift and on it you will find testimonials and interviews, videos and  talks. I hope you enjoy catching up with my ongoing career – I love the idea that a path,  a career, with an authentic heart walks besides one like a dear friend. Over 37 years I have certainly found this to be the case.
I realised decades ago that the controversial zone of  astrology is a treasure trove of wisdom, psychology and the cycles linked with nature, finances, bodily rhythms and creativity. The articles and other information on my

website highlight this. Do take a look as my ‘baby’ grows with its aim to inform  and help.



To conclude this blog, I want to mention  a colleague who brought so much to the  astrology world  – Jonathan Cainer –  who  has just left this world  on 2nd May,  at the age of 58. He spent decades writing sun sign columns in national newspapers and in  books, and doing tv and radio work. He was  indeed a celebrity.

Above all, I loved how he translated the language of the stars into everyday words and gave wisdom and perspective on world matters through his writings. Translating any language  demands care and  skill, as well I know, and Jonathan did a superb job of that.  As  a double Sagittarian, Sun and Rising sign,  with a powerful Moon in Scorpio, he certainly had knowledge , philosophy and foresight to share,  and so he did, sometimes with a light touch and often with great  depth. But always with insight and educational aim. We shall miss him and his huge contribution to the   astrological world.


With my warmest wishes






Mar 07

March’s two Eclipses – how they affect you and your direction

I COULDN’T let this week go by without sharing my insight on these remarkable eclipses at the New and the Full Moons this month.

Eclipses clear out what needs to be cleared out casting their effects beforehand and for many months afterwards. Where their path is  most visible we can expect to see more obvious events  occurring, The Solar eclipse on 9th March at  1.54 am GMT, when the Sun and Moon align, is most visible in the west pacific and Indonesia. You will recall the recent  7.9 earthquake  off the Indonesian peninsula. .

Natural disasters, and earthquakes political earthquakes and upheavals and demises with and of  leaders and people  in prominence, are not uncommon at these eclipses. The ‘fifth Beatle and producer George Martin  passed on the other day, and ,with the Piscean archetype linked with music and the arts and inspiration, he chose this closing of his life here at this synchronous time.

For us all we have the opportunity to look at the past and our future goals in new ways.

The shifts may be big or subtle but shifts there will be. We can make it hard or simple by our approach to it.



The eclipse of the New Moon on 9th March was  in the sign of Pisces at 18 degrees. Where that  point falls in our birth  charts and also  in the charts of countries indicates what is ready to change or be taken to the  next level. As eclipses occur in 19 year cycles look back at Spring 1997 and see if there is some kind of link; also to  September 2015 when an eclipse was in the opposite sign then of Virgo.



It is easy at this time to feel more exhausted and ready for  a releasing of old habits and responses.  The 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces, collects  all the experiences gleaned through the other signs and encourages flow and whole making. Acceptance of our bigger self and the awareness that everything is spiritual in the sense that our experiences and growth are part of our spiritual journey, can help us be gentler and more compassionate towards ourselves and others. Saying it’s okay to  make some  mistakes, not isolating spirit from day to day experiences and not fixing things but allowing the larger picture to guide  us can be a relief and we grow in stature by allowing old mindsets to have a holiday!

Recognising that a sea change or weather pattern moving in our lives is timely and restorative, especially as the theme of the planets this month is one of changeability and flux, could be experienced as going with the tide and resting on the waves. Areas of life wherein we have not been authentic or  too fixed in our ways will see some overdue  change in these coming weeks. A detoxifying at a deep level  is at work.  Areas relating to travel. learning and trade (and migration issues) will be prominent, even to bursting point.

A need to expand, mirrored by Jupiter in opposition to the Sun ( very bright at night these weeks,)  encourages the overdoing of  things, and that is where good old Saturn has it’s say and gives us reality checks. These energies reside within us so listen to them and be a good self mentor. Our inner healer Chiron is strongly in aspect to the planets now  and highlights the difference between compassion and co dependence – that’s  a fascinating thought to ponder on!

Who do we trust? I always think that our higher selves are our best friends.There is a difference between being naiive and real trust.. Taking time out this month to inwardly say we don”t know and to  choose to listen to our intuition more will prove valuable. At a higher level we know our cycles and answers. This eclipse time is lovely for really acknowledging that  fact and taking a side step to look at things and the nature of reality in a different way.


With so much mutable energy around  try not to overload. There are always moments we can take time  to pause, to look at something beautiful and, in wonderment,  be grateful for the magical world we inhabit and so often take for granted, whether by trying to escape it by daily concerns and frustrations or polarising the material and spiritual worlds in the mind. The serendipitous happenings all around us can remind us of the awe we  can feel at being alive.

On 23rd March at the Full Moon there is a lunar eclipse – a good time to see how you have unravelled parts of the old self over the previous two weeks. It happens just as we enter the Spring equinox and the sign of Aries and, with the Moon in Libra, we have the opportunity to  put the spotlight on our relationships to one another and to the world at large.  Looking at boundaries or the lack of them is high on the agenda personally and on the world stage.

Be prepared to be flexible, learn in new ways and, like with the wondrous eyes of a child seeing new things, activate this ability and suspend judgment. Be the observer!



By late April, five planets are retrograde which will mirror our need to rectify what has been moving too fast  and enable us  to firm up what is authentic and productive in our lives.

The simpler we can make this time period the more we will benefit! Eclipses bring up fears and primal feelings so not over reacting but keeping centered  might prove valuable. It’s time to be an explorer in new ways, not least in how we see ourselves!


Wishing you easy days ahead

Till soon


Dec 19

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Astrological Newsletter from Ysanne Lewis

Hello Again and Happy New Year!



The planetary cycles and angles tell stories, past and future, of change,  revivals and opportunities for dissolution of old and new awakenings within individuals and on the world stage. .Do  have a read, if you haven’t already, of my  astrological and timing take on 2016!


In this post I will be covering:

The dilemma – and how to work with it – of the current Saturn and Neptune quarrel.  How structure and limitless boundaries can work together in our personal and world relationships.

Mercury’s three week retrograde cycle from 5th -26th January. Rectification and using the prefix ‘RE ‘ inform of actions. Opportunities returning..

Helpful Jupiter in the self mentoring and healing sign of Virgo

Mars in passionate Scorpio igniting our drive.

My forthcoming “Art of Timing ” workshop in London.

Find out more about the above in this post.


SO, let’s look at some current cycles of  astrological happenings:

Two of the bigger players in the cosmos, Saturn and Neptune – representing the parts of us which struggle with the divide between optimism and dreams on the one hand and pessimism, fear and victimhood on the other- are quarrelling! Their positive traits are inner authority, realism, structure,morals ( Saturn) and unconditional love and vision, limitless dissolving of boundaries (Neptune). To name just a few traits! Their synodic cycle ( synodic meaning travelling together from their conjunction to waning square ) started in 1989 – think what was happening then in history! Structures were dissolved big time.  The Berlin wall came down and since then connectivity and with far less boundaries around has increased.  The world wide web event in the 90’s connected people big time!  What does belonging mean nowadays?  And how far has freedom , without structure and maturity, become a problem?

In a 90 degree angle ( stress and crisis which leads to change) -a  waning aspect  to one another now –  it is easy to project stuff onto others with the resultant blame mentality which accompanies that.
So see this as an opportunity, starting at home and in day to day matters, to use misunderstandings and gripes as a chance to avoid getting foggy and play ‘poor me’ and be mature and open to hearing others’ point of view before criticising and blaming. Fear steps in when turmoil and violence occcur and… we react. Survival! Or so we think..

The more we make peace with our personal worlds, like a ripple in a pond, it spreads and impacts the bigger picture. Otherwise, uncertainty and impulsive behaviour and choices run our agendas.

Uranus and Pluto are also experiencing a separating ‘ square’ as we go into 2016. The upheavals and tension mirrored by that angle  have been all too obvious in recent years. Revolution – Uranus – and destruction – Pluto.  However, new ground and transformation are the flipside and likely to manifest as time goes by. There is still time to go with this influence though  as the lessons have not been learnt fully yet,  but  changes will be noticeable …  Matters aren’t so fixed and stuck as they were. currents behind the scenes are at work. Uranus stops being retrograde after many months and goes direct in motion on Christmas day. things held back and indecision can start to get sorted.

A Time of fluctuation and change
The slower moving planets from Jupiter out to Pluto  are all in mutable and initiatory signs this year. No ‘fixed’ ones. So we can expect a ‘moveable feast’ when it comes to world affairs and decision making.  Again, the message now is to cast light from within and harmonise our inner conflicts to individually play our part in healing the bigger shadows being highlighted.

All in all a dynamic time .And up to us, with our free will, what we do with it..


Mercury at work!

From 5th January till 26th, Mercury is doing one of its thrice yearly, three week retrograde ‘thing’!  Mainly  in the earthy sign of Capricorn, patience wins the day and, after the 2nd -8th January when it has a short time in Aquarius, loosening  us up a bit, it returns to Capricorn for its retrograde patch. Strategy and mastering techniques in communication and focus would be useful at this time. We won’t be able to get away with short cuts or poor communication so  be a teacher to yourself and take steady steps.  The retrograde cycle in both Aquarius and Capricorn asks for a respect and  understanding for what has gone before  as well as for progressive ideas. They can work together rather than be at odds. In mid January, at the midpoint of the cycle, it is easier to move ahead and flow, so ideally  use the first two weeks for rectification, reviewing and being extra clear regarding details and decisions

It is perhaps no coincidence this retrograde is coinciding with the new year, and this tells me that collectively the world needs to apply rectification, wisdom, and understanding to issues where there is inherent trauma, fear and uncertainty. It is too easy to be ‘anti’ things and authority figures. Rising above the ‘anti’s’ and addressing our inner judgments and prejudices ( it is so  easy to criticise in our daily lives and on social media when we are not in leadership positions ourselves …) we can embrace the strength of gentleness and dissolve fear and reactive behaviour.



It is natural to want certainty  but, with the mirror of the aforementioned Saturn/Neptune aspect, we need to feel safer at a different level and operate  in a different way to what we have been used to. These are exciting and creative times as well as challenging ones if we can be more present and willing to see life through different lenses. Waking up to that vision is the challenge and grace of this dynamic. We can always run from things and pretend but  being truly alive means not telling the old stories to ourselves but rather embracing what is happening and being a creator with it and  not a reactor.  Doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result  as Einstein -who knew a thing or two – once said, leads to  insanity or at least a foggy inner world which we pretend isn’t there!  familiarity breeds habits and then stuckness leading to fear of change. We see this enacted in the world in religious wars and the like, so let’s not have the same patterns operate in our personal lives. It’s really quite wonderful how in our own lives we have freedom to heal conflicts and communicate with grace.

The retrograde of Mercury in January (starting with its shadow period on 19th December) will encourage this possibility and, on 22nd and 30th January  when Mercury conjoins with Pluto, we look for deeper reasons for our problems, along with  an opportunity to peruse why we came here in the first place! it is too easy to lose sight of our purpose and that we can let the spirit of that purpose accompany us.

With  assertive and passionate  Mars in Scorpio till early March and then during   late May till the beginning of August, having the courage to reclaim our inner ‘guardian’ and choosing to detoxify old scars and recurring resentments, we can look at what is important.  We can choose to use courage and intent and focus on direction. Venus in the seeking sign of Sagittarius in January encourages this bravery to’ go beyond’ and be more self honest with desires and  openness in expression in love, whether in committing more or in  asking  for more freedom to be oneself.  Commitment to authenticity will become more significant generally this coming year.

Jupiter in Virgo till early September aids this process by suggesting we become better mentors to ourselves and improve in small but essential ways our lifestyle. The media is full of advice – and contradictions- about foods,  body image, habits etc.  The year  2016 can see us getting more real about this kind of thing.. pulling back the veils of self delusions  and sensing what is timely and right for us now. The answers have always lain within, and the planetary messages coming up  are about dispelling the ‘fog’ in our own psyches and not avoiding  illusion by getting caught up, as many are doing, in fear regarding  the state of the world.



By being more authentic and having a better intimacy with self as well as with others, it would be no surprise to observe the bigger conflicts dissolving some of their fogs!  In essence we are all connected – the word universe means ‘one’  and, just as we have reached, with the waning angle between Saturn and Neptune which started in 1989, a huge lack of boundaries and information available it seems  at  a ‘ touch of a key’ –  we  do not need to create new barriers  but have a healthy respect for self and clearer self images.  Neptune is indifferent to boundaries and enjoys limitlessness, but we live in three D space and in physical bodies so balance needs applying.  Saturnine common sense and the     reality check master has a say too!

Believing in Self

I would like to apply the word Magic to next year. Magic in the sense of knowing we can manifest our dreams once the fog of the old ways of looking at self and the world is dispelled.  Energy and the capacity to evolve  is more malleable now and we can create  and harness ideas, intuitions and imagination to  business, health, relationships and timing  very easily if we walk through the doorway which has always been there but we have generally not  been too good at noticing!

The Art Of Timing

On the subject of timing , which is my speciality and is indeed an art, I am running an evening in London on February 3rd  2016 offering a unique and easy to understand approach to being in Time with our lives.

  After 36 years of working with timing, via astrology and related subjects,  I feel more than qualified to offer my expertise. It is a lovely and fascinating subject which I feel grateful to have walk beside me in my life.

Here is the link to book if you would like to learn more about how cycles and  the importance of beginnings – whether with  events, projects, businesses, relocation etc –  can help you.  Tips to navigate your life and daily cycles will be given as well.


                                                  THE ART OF TIMING

                          “Timing is what keeps everything from happening at once”  A. Einstein

An opportunity to look at your business cycles in a new way and gain a new slant on timing!

                We all have internal time keepers – so do our business – and Ysanne will describe how she works with business owners as well as individuals helping them with growth and timing of change. Good decisions  require right timing, don’t they? Cycles permeate life from the smallest to the largest events, commodities and organisations. We generally don’t go out on a journey without consulting satnavs, weather, time tables, maps etc…

Ysanne uses the core coordinates – date, time and location (longitude and latitude ) of a business or project to look at the starting points, turning points, troughs and peaks. And describes how the planetary angles and cycles help us align better with our timing, our day to day cycles and business plans.

You will go away with useful tips from her rich long background to apply immediately to your direction and skills.

About the mentor:

Ysanne Lewis has worked as a professional astrologer, forecaster and timing consultant for over 3 decades, both here in the UK and also in the USA, Dubai, HK and Scandinavia. She uses a bespoke and tailor fitted approach to businesses and uses the planetary angles and cycles to navigate her clients through change and highlights optimum times for start ups, launches, events and contract timings. Her tried and tested techniques, guidance and accuracy sees many returning clients in the fields of finance, small businesses, events and projects management. She is an entertaining speaker and makes her subject very accessible to people from all walks of life.


         My website is in process of being rebranded and updated. I would love  a few testimonials for  ie:  Childrens’ chart readings, business, health, relationships, timing of event and relocations consultations. If you would like and have felt the value of my work, please contact me and I will be in touch with you. My email is:   Thank you!

Give a thought to offering a gift to a friend, family member, partner or employee  of an astrological reading. A very different kind of present which they can choose the timing of  at leisure  for when to have the reading  in person, by phone or by Skype.

And what better time than the next new year of your life to have an overview of the months ahead? I would love to hear from you if you feel it is timely!

also  offer a six or  twelve month package for complete Timing assistance if you and /or your business would find this valuable,


               May I  wish you a  truly inspirational , rewarding and  happy, in so many ways, 2016

              A big thank you also  to  you my readers , clients and audiences for your support and interest in 2015!




Sep 26



The planets are weaving lovely, if somewhat challenging, patterns in the heavens this early autumn (spring in the southern hemisphere.) More than usual they are active in our personal and collective psyches.

Earlier this month we had the solar eclipse  and two  weeks on  we are about to experience the lunar eclipse  – the last of the eclipse cycles this  year. On 28th September in the early hours we can see in the southwest in the northern hemisphere a super moon, so called because  it is  in perigee – closest approach  to the Earth – whilst in opposition to the Sun.  As the Moon astrologically represents our self image and responses to life  we can expect already to be feeling  the inner urge to address matters which have been building up of late.  The eclipse phenomenon heightens this and , if we are wise,  we can allow life to take us into the mystery of what we need to release and resolve. As the Moon passes the Erath’s dark shadow (unbra) between 1 am and 6.22 am, total at 3.47 am, we can link our thoughts to the fact it is also a Harvest Moon  which suggests we look at what we have sown and are ready to reap, Working with gratitude is a happy attitude now!

The eclipse sits at the 5th degree of Aries and Libra , so where those degrees fall in your own or a country’s horoscopes will highlight  specific areas of life and intensity.

Traditionally, eclipses govern the affairs of leaders and royalty. At the solar eclipse on 13th September, Tony Abbott the Australian prime minister resigned – as an example. Let us wait and see what events occur around public figures. Certainly earth movements are common around these times of eclipses too, but in this post I am more concerned with pointing the way to the earth changes needed within our psyches as individuals.

As this coming eclipse is in the polarity signs of Aries and Libra, be conscious that these signs  together teach  about balance and relationship – to oneself and to others. Be extra discerning and sensitive to interactions and impulsive behaviour; pace yourself and try not to be uncoordinated!


With Mercury retrograde until  October 9th also in the sign  of Libra, you may have been finding  negotiations, plans and decisions coming up against hiccups and delays. And, as Mercury rules technology, hiccups therein too. It can also be a time till then of lost or delayed opportunities  returning and a re appearance of people and lost objects! Discernment really is the operative word at this time. Even cancellations can work to our advantage!

You may have noticed the lovely dance of Venus and Mars in  recent weeks. At present it is still in dramatic Leo, and our creativity and passion are being encouraged to flow more. What brings you alive now?

A bit like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland the dance of these two planets  is racing with the clock to enter Virgo and align with Jupiter. The weaving of the different parts of our inner landscape is getting finely tuned now and, as Virgo likes finding new methods in which to be useful, this later Autumn bodes well for new ideas and innovative changes of routines regarding work, health and being of service to ourselves as well as to others.  The conjunction of these two planets in  the earth sign of Virgo from 9th October to 8th November will remind us to sift through what is useful and growth oriented in our lives.

On the world stage, the refugee crisis may start getting more organisation and practical help. Recognising the global arena needs to be involved and not just individual countries will allow us to get a bigger glimpse of the interconnectedness we are part of on Earth.

As this is a clearing house time at many levels, and a time of fresh air coming in please contact me if you would like some insights personally or for your business life. Working with cycles and timing is my forte and I very much enjoy giving clarity on this subject to my clients and friends. I am so  grateful I am working with this skill!

Till Soon



Jul 11

Renewing Beauty and Balance in our Lives This Summer

Hello Again!

These next two months are indeed inspiring ones of courage and of a revaluing of what we have. Also,  of what we might be missing or need to release.

Yes, you may have noticed I  am still using words which start with ‘re’. In my last post I talked about Mercury, our inner communicator and ‘techie,’ in retrograde motion. This three week cycle  in May/June time  highlighted the opportunity to adjust our thinking and retrace decisions and ideas so as to move forward with more clarity.

I introduced the upcoming retrograde movement of Venus, and, as it is approaching shortly, would like to enlarge on it  – hence the heading of  this post.


We have a New Mo0n  in Cancer on 16th July  at 1.24 am GMT. It’s message is  “Are we rooted in the right place?” Dynamic aspects to it  encourage us  to  be very honest with our needs and where their values are really coming from!  May I  suggest a need to renew our capacity to nurture ourselves and to be fully present in what we commit to.  Resolve the real issues underneath,  not just the surface veneer, and, although this time period can be somewhat volatile, know it is also fertile ground for weeding out the root causes so to avoid problems regrowing. A good time to forgive and open to love more.


On 25th July until September 6th Venus goes retrograde, appearing to move backwards through the degrees of the zodiac it recently transited through. She does this every 18 months, compared with Mercury’s thrice yearly event.  When a planet retrogrades it brings about a change in the flow of things that relate to the planet in question.Venus rules our values – self value, personal values, valuables, finances and  relationships. A great time to reassess and reflect on these things more than we might normally do. Or so it is recommended!

A thought… “The fact that we think of nature as a resource rather than as a companion means we think of  each other as resources rather than companions.”  

Current relationships may go through a period of reevaluation and reprioritizing. Flaws can show up, and the shadow side of love – necessary at times  to brush off the illusions,  shiny bits and past issues and hurts- can keep nudging us. Confrontation now is seriously to be avoided. Finding ways to make conflict or assertion creative and come from authenticity (not the fictional self) works well now. It’s a win win situation when we can engage honestly and not from defensiveness or fear,  or having a big expectation as to the outcome!

We are also likely to glamorize new and returning loves and attachments and things we purchase. Make sure there is a ‘you can return’ label on  purchases, or have  flexibility in new associations.


There are always deeper patterns and workings, some call it karmic energy, in relationships and this is a time to gain understanding of why they are in our lives. Anger, denial or suppression don’t help.  It is not unusual for returns from the past,  maybe to be fully resolved or healed  or enjoyed. New attractions may have a feeling of strong familiarity and thus seductive,  and things may happen in a current relationship that seems oddly familiar. “We have been here before,” we may think. Remember to look closely and await later September when Venus goes direct and also Jupiter enters Virgo and heightens discernment and solution solving. Where this important cycle is currently in your birth chart  reveals  which area of life  is open for change.

Venus and Jupiter, you may have noticed, are close in the skies. A beautiful sight indeed!  Their first conjunction was July 1st and the other two on August 4th and  October 25th. And, for us here on Earth, a special invitation to  draw beauty and creativity into our lives this summer and autumn.

To have true beauty and loving relationships we need self value and self respect first. So why not use this Venus retrograde time to get just that and to move past making decisions and moves that take us to the same soul deadening places? If your relationships are in good shape, this time is also wonderful to have fun with your creativity, like a child does. Like a dance, it doesn’t have to go anywhere – it is there to be enjoyed, and where there is joy there is always a creative flow!


Venus retrogrades last for 40 days and 40 nights and transforms from evening star to morning star. She stations in the same vicinity of the zodiac every eight years, forming a beautiful rose shaped and pentagram pattern. Our timeline and journey unfolds over these years,  so look back to August/September 2007. What was happening then?  What are you returning to in your heart and what needs releasing?

Above all, what story are you creating in your life now? And what is the next creative chapter?

These have not been easy times, whether collectively and/or personally. But I certainly feel they are portals for renewing and knowing ourselves  anew  in this busy world. It is always liberating when we are being authentic and doing things with grace. Our inner  Venus loves gracefulness!

If you would like to explore your relationships both to self and others in your life now,  you might find  my astrological insights  of help. If so, I am here to contact and set up a reading with you.

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