Catching The Wave – December 2006 (i)


Well, just as we finish digesting the intensity of a cluster of planets in Scorpio and start to gain a perspective on where we are placing our purpose and passion, we move toward another 6 pack of energy. This time in the next door sign of Sagittarius – adventurous, enthusiastic, albeit a bit zealous, judgmental and, of course, direct.

A window in time between the 8th and 11th December sees the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all in that sign. Although Venus moves out on the 11th, leaving 5 there, we see the Moon in that sign on 18th and 19th, making up the 6th again! Saturn however turns retrograde on the 6th in the sign of Leo, disciplining the exuberant traits of Sagittarius – no bad thing as, left to its own devices, that energy can take expansiveness to the hilt and boundaries need to have their place. In retrograde motion, Saturn’s order starts to come more from within than from the outside. So as we experience a breaking free of old moorings of belief and rights and wrongs, we also experience a need to define our awakened capacity to walk and talk our new mental consciousness.

You will be noticing already as we entered the last few days of November, a part of us waxes philosophically, whether in speech or by craving time to process and reflect. The Search for meaning, which the stellium in Scorpio initiated last month, develops principles and mindsets to apply, so you will notice personally and in world affairs, that (for ‘right or wrong’) new approaches will spring up and find their mark–just as the symbol of the archer and the arrow that Sagittarius represents, seeks unerringly its target. Religious and educational issues may get more bad press before a turning point occurs.

Of all the 12 zodiac signs, Sagittarius represents most closely our institutionalized beliefs. That is its outer form.  In its broader and wiser sense, this mutable fire sign is a restless quest for wisdom. The constellation points towards the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, thus associated with exploring and understanding our place in the cosmos.

I am reminded of my favourite poet T.S Elliot’s lines, “And the end of all our exploring /will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

This takes on stature when we consider that at the New Moon on December 20th a kind of quantum leap is possible, when the Moon and Pluto align with the galactic centre, currently at 26.56 degrees Sagittarius. Pluto, the archetypal energy of death and rebirth, aligns within a degree of the galactic centre from Feb 2006 through November 2007 – with exact passes on December 28th ’06, July 16th ’07, and Oct 28th ’07.  Jupiter and the Sun cross it next month on Dec 5th and 19th. Technological and scientific breakthroughs will increase rapidly. The old axiom, ‘As above so Below’, reminds us that the microcosmic galactic centre within us aligning with our own inner Pluto asks of us to have breakthroughs and growth in the psyche at the same time! There is a huge (4 million times bigger than our Sun) black hole at that GC point in the heavens, so the requirement from our higher selves to let go of old stale identities by embracing the unknown offers us the gift of being reborn whilst in the body to a greater awareness of self – and thus of the world and our place in it.  Someone once said that the unknown is only a lack of self knowledge. There’s an adventure for us!

It may feel like we are being re-coded!  There is a link with the Full Moon on Dec 5th when the Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces form a dynamic angle, highlighting respectively the keywords: what do you think, believe or know?  Until the 11th when Venus enters earthy Capricorn, there are plenty of fiery signs and no earth. Be careful of rash judgments and decisions.

At both these Full and New Moons, realizations and discoveries occur.

Back to the galactic centre story! The potential for regeneration right down to the cellular level can take place. Healing of oneself, clearing stuff and recognizing the creator within, accelerates. Thinking outside of the box is always inventive and refreshing, so allow this to happen. So much sorrow has come about due to rigid mindsets and ‘truth at any cost’, that this can be a time of gaining a perspective on our stories and divisions and listening to the ‘other’ and creating bridges. The connection with other dimensions is heightened – the veil is thinner- and, as our growth is accelerated now, there will be times that the human, physical part of us struggles to assimilate and catch up with this new sense of time, creating a feeling akin to jet-lag! Recognise that?  It seems wherever we turn, the unexpected is awaiting us. Keeping a spirit of adventure as a cloak around us will help embrace the openings as well as the challenges. The spirit of the martial artist accompanies us now, if we allow it too.

There are many theories and predictions rampaging around about this December time, ranging from visitations from star people to huge changes on Earth. From my perspective, regardless of free-will variants on the outer level, this time period is essentially a vital window to align ourselves with our spirits, recognize our connection with Life, and de-tox  our inner clutter. Thinking outside the box again! Looking at our rituals and traditions at this time, ( lots of conflict there in our societies) this is a good time to re-write some of our inner scripts  and, in small if not big ways, make new contracts.  There has been a certain numbing down of how we approach society’s calendar rituals:  meaning has been lost for many of us. So by choosing to look at them with new eyes and making them unique again in special ways, will put us in tune with Nature and our life force.

Keep checking in…. more to come –  Ysanne

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