Catching The Wave – December 2006 (ii)


I hope you found my musings about this month of December helpful. (Archives Catching The Wave Oct 2006)

A few thoughts before Christmas, on the eve of the Winter Solstice. At 00.22 am on 22nd, the solstice occurs. The word solstice  literally means –  Sun standing – and is indeed a pivotal time when we too can choose (as we have free will!) to also feel that stillness inside.

It’s a crazy fact but true that we humans are the only busy-busy beings around at this time of year. Nature in particular is quiet on the surface and yet our bodies, which are part of nature, go against the grain! However, even with all the hype, commercialism and socializing, it is still possible to create moments of inner stillness and contemplation. The word contemplation means within (the) temple – a gentle thought. Stopping the cellular as well as outer chatter!

The earth sleeps at this time; in some ways it feels the cosmos is not so vibrantly connected with it. And yet we are urged by the cosmic part of us to connect with the creative spark within us and to nurture the Sun-seed that lies nestled there. When outer nature has withdrawn its fertile gifts as the great breathing rhythm of the year turns inward, we can feel the creative power of imagination which can provide inner warmth.

Letting it lie fallow now doesn’t serve us.

In olden times, priests and priestesses at the winter solstice time would enter a deep cave where there was no light and meditate on the light within them till it seemed to fill the surroundings.  Symbolically, at this darkest time of the year we can light a candle within and re-connect with ourselves and each other. Christmas time can be a time of sharing and community. It is present. Take time to feel this at the heart level.

The sign of Capricorn, which marks the winter solstice, has been called the gateway or threshold to wisdom. Its symbol is the goat. In some tribes in times past, a goat was set free from its herd, symbolically representing a releasing of the sins of the tribe. This is where we get our word ‘scapegoat’ from. And another goat was sacrificed. Saviour and scapegoat! Addressing those aspects within us and in our societies are inititiatory barriers to overcome if we are to evolve and come from the place of love.

With the return of the Sun after the longest night, we can visualize the Sun seed within us expanding with new awareness. Where do you wish to be a creator now in your life? The dark hole at the Galactic Centre which Pluto is aligned with in this coming year asks of us to renew and transform old patterns. The universal story of darkness turning into light, is a tale of re-birth honoured by all traditions at this time of year, and for those of us who are particularly affected by the lack of sunlight now, maybe the key is to harness that light within and consciously keep it glowing.

Remember, things and people gestate in the seeming darkness; it is sacred, and as the words sacred and sacrifice are connected at their root, so by allowing an inner communion with an innate trusting that everything which appears to be lost is renewed – and thus healed  – we move forward in time and growth. This is all about making friends with the cycles of life and the Spirit and knowing we truly belong with them. Otherwise as Albert Schweitzer once said:  “The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.”

Perhaps in these times we have never been so powerful – and yet so vulnerable. I feel there has never been such a creative time!  There is a new cocktail of planetary energies around us now mirroring our new potentials. To use another quote: “We are the people we’ve been waiting for.”

Wishing you love for 2007 and a peaceful Christmas Time.

Keep checking in…. more to come –  Ysanne

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