Catching The Wave – June 2007


I hope you found my musings about May helpful. (Archives Catching The Wave May 2007)

Time to catch up and say ‘Hello’ again. Here are some of my musings!

There are some powerful Moon energies coming up shortly. There’s a ‘blue’ one in June. By that I mean  there are two full Moons in that month – the 1st and the 30th – an unusual event in a month – hence the well known expression, “once in a blue moon.” Two major opportunities to bring things to fruition at this time.

Dependent on where they touch your horoscope, major areas of your life can get clarity and maybe completion.

On June 1st, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is conjoined with that zodiac sign’s ruling planet, Jupiter. Think big, be magnanimous, and even speak up publicly for what you want. Our connection with our higher selves is strong now and can empower you as you go through this Summer time.

In late June we see the ongoing tug of war between Saturn and Neptune start to lose its enthusiasm as the planets separate in their dance.

This ill-matched pair have been highlighting our own  need to balance out either our over concern with material matters or our dreams/ illusions –  even our self- sabotaging /sacrificial natures. So, if you find yourself in one camp or the other , as we come to the end of that dance and confusion, make some inner decisions. Allowing your outer lives to more truly reflect your inner awakening at this time.

For too long we have conveniently projected our ‘shadow’ onto others, not recognising that what we don’t deal with or heal inside we will see in others over and over again.

With Pluto still in the news, as the debate whether to re-instate it as a fully fledged planet continues, I find it interesting that as only once in 245 years it is lined up with the Galactic Centre his dramatic re-entry into public awareness is mirroring his power.

As we don’t always feel comfortable with being ‘big’ and thus find ways to hide our light, this is a great opportunity to re-claim our optimism and get out of ruts. Not by distractions but by looking at the crossroad we are at and choosing new landscape views!
There’s a lot of mystery about this time period and that’s no bad thing. Often people get bored or tired of life and depressed, thinking they’ve ‘done’ or exhausted all that life can give.  In actuality they’ve only exhausted what’s in their minds and habits, not in the inherent mystery in life.

Repetition is not the cosmic order of the day at present. The creative side of us – thinking outside the box – is bursting to come on stage, to play new roles and have a firm and kindly chat with our inner ‘stage fright’ actors!

Einstein once said ( to paraphrase) that the definition of  insanity is endlessly repeating something over and over again.
Fine for when you are learning your lines or skills but then the trick is to put your originality into them, and let go into the mystery of the action.

With Mercury going retrograde in Cancer between 17th June and 11th July, use this time as a window to reflect more and work with the Cancerian keywords of memory and personal history, and make something positive out of recollecting past emotional experiences. Feelings and conversations which can touch the Soul!

The pre-fix ‘RE-‘ applies strongly in our vocabulary and actions then. Listening to and integrating what has been burdening our unconscious is important.  After mid July, decisions and forward movement are easier.

Uranus’s yearly turn retrograde, at 19 degrees Pisces, on June 23rd  until November 23rd, asks of us to stay grounded and be open to spotting doorways and revelations we have missed recently. In-tuition becomes clearer.

With Jupiter still in its home sign Sagittarius till end of the year, it is too easy to form quick judgments and second guess things. Educating ourselves in new ways and avoiding sweating the small stuff, is necessary especially when Saturn enters the ‘detailed’ sign of Virgo on  September 3rd.

An inscription on the wall of the Watts gallery in Surrey, by the artist George Frederick Watts, spoke to me today. It read, “my wish is to awaken the mind with large thoughts.”

Wishing you  creative panoramas in your thoughts and goals!

–  Ysanne

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