Catching The Wave – May 2007


I hope you found my musings about December helpful.

Well, it’s been a couple of months since I last was in touch.  I’ve been traveling with my work, and as the word ‘flying’ takes on a wider meaning nowadays with the warped sense of time we are experiencing, I am sure you will agree with me when I say time has also flown!

I feel it is significant to jot down some more words now as astrologically there is so much happening. I would be more than curious to have feedback from you my clients, friends and readers, on how this perspective on ‘as above so below’ applies to your own lives and happenings. So, let’s hear from you!

Your astrological chart can be seen as the slice of the heavens acknowledging your place in the Universe. The energies of the heavens touched earth just as it touched you and created a blueprint. So, likewise, we can also look objectively at this time period and its blueprint, and read its messages.

Between February 14th and March 8th the planet Mercury is retrograde. Anything beginning with ‘ RE’ applies: refine, review, re visit, re-do, reassess etc.  Think about the meaning of ‘respect’ – to look again, and ‘re-mind’ – revisiting the mind.  A useful time now to go back over things, reflect and not push ahead too much with decisions. Quite often, when Mercury goes direct, as it will on  March 8th at 4.45 am, things change again!

This is also a time period when   mechanical or technological hiccups occur, so get checks done and back up files. I came across a good quote the other day – sorry I don’t know the author of it – “ It is a mistake to allow any mechanical object to realize that you are in a hurry!”

People come back into your life and things you had given up on resurrect themselves.

Wherever Mercury is transiting in YOUR chart will highlight the arena of life for you to address.

Now, let’s have a look at the whoppers of eclipses this month of March. As they cast their shadows and influence for 3 months ahead, it might be useful to re-read this from time to time. If it has gone into my ‘archives’ section, just look at that.

The Virgo Lunar eclipse on March 3rd at 23.18 BST, highlights the polarity we are all facing between judgment and compassion, fear and trust, and intuition and analysis. As the transiting lunar nodes are in those signs till early next year, we have a shove now from the universe and our higher selves to recognize the interconnectedness of things. Overcoming the victim- tyrant role plays, is high on the agenda.

Uranus is in close conjunction to the Sun now, making us feel a bit wired, even out of sorts! The vibrational fields around us are heightened and we can choose to be open to a more expanded consciousness or act in unpredictable or unstable ways.

This is a very important time to listen to your body and, if possible, get more rest.

As Uranus rules ‘eureka’ moments, and Pisces the imaginative realm, stay centered and be as creative as you can. Living in the solution, not the problem, works well now.

On a very positive note, it has never been a better time for awakening to a higher vibrational level. Just stay grounded though. Going on highs or to extremes will encourage emotional crashes!

With a Lunar eclipse, our attention is drawn to our inner shadows, increasing our awareness of hidden agendas. At any eclipse, the earth’s energy field is zapped; so is our physical body. Don’t force things – go with the flow.  On the weather front, expect extreme conditions world wide, ie: flooding, gales, pollution and even earthquakes. The need to cleanse and purify is strong now. Inwardly as well!

Two weeks later, on March 19th at 2.43 am BST, at the new Moon, there is a Solar eclipse.  These Solar eclipses break up old patterns and allow for a new start. The few days leading up to it can be good for honouring chaos inside, retreat, and working from intuition. Both the Sun and Moon will be in Pisces at 90 degrees to Pluto.  The 90 degree angle pushes us to make decisions and change. We can no longer live with the tension indecision brings in its wake.  As Pluto moves towards the end of its sojourn in Sagittarius after over a decade, this eclipse asks of us to stop judging and the kind of religious and social conditioning that holds us in fear and control.  Needless to say, on the world stage, we may observe leaders more and more admitting mistakes and recognizing how separatedness is so damaging. Take a look at how you judge yourself!

With an exact Saturn – Neptune opposition just  having occurred in late February, it wasn’t too difficult for myself and other astrologers to predict instability in the financial markets at present.  The business world is feeling the strain of the imbalance in how we produce goods, handle finance and the ethics connected with this.

As we move towards the Autumn, this opposition and pull between dreams and reality starts to lose its effect and, as Saturn, our moral teacher, moves into Virgo, we all will need to serve our planet better in the ways that really count.

On a final note of news, as I see it, I would like to mention the recent categorization of ‘dwarf’ planets. With the demotion of Pluto to that category, that god or archetype, is joined by newly named Eris and the first discovered asteroid back in 1801 called Ceres. As Ceres – where we get our word cereal from – is the goddess of the earth and the provider of nutrition and  nurturing, quite the opposite to Pluto who is the energy of the underworld and death, I feel we will shortly see attention given to the ongoing moral  issue of prolonging of life, with all the scientific and spiritual issues this entails. Also, much, much more concern with the environment and its plundering.

Eris, the mythological goddess of discord, could be throwing a timely spanner in the works, by stirring up the above issues. When planets are discovered or re-labelled, there is a synchronicity of  events happening here below to do with the areas of life associated with their names.

The bottom line, like so often in life, is the coming from the heart. Raising the vibration from that place. Not molly-cuddling or rescuing people and situations, but  taking how we see the ‘other out there’ to a higher place  in our minds.  Again, the word ‘respect’- to look at again- is worth keeping in mind. This includes respecting ourselves more, whilst knowing we are not separate from others.

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