Catching The Wave – October 2006


As we are at the ‘balance’ time of the year – Libra – it seems a good place to gain perspective on what we have set into motion in recent times, recognise the responsibility which comes with being a creator and be prepared to transform that which is outmoded and dragging its heels.

There are some pretty confrontational astrological transits now and as we go into the later Autumn. That sort of statement tends to make us think of the outer world stage.  But if we stop projecting our tendencies to go there for a moment and pay attention to the inner playground and battle ground of desires and tensions, we are shortly to be encouraged by our higher selves to get more comfortable with our inner power and ‘step’ into a greater sense of self-definition.

When the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on 23rd October, we also have the entrance of Mars and Venus; together they join up with Mercury and Jupiter and the Moon. Phew! That’s a 6- pack of intense energy! The Moon will leave on the 25th, but 5 planets will stay in Scorpio until the 16th November. Scorpio is a water sign, but it is also a ‘fixed’ sign, and still waters, as they say, run deep. With Neptune, Chiron and Saturn also in fixed signs, that makes for 8-9 planets mirroring the message for us to responsibly harness and express the power of the deep.

Scorpio’s ruler is Pluto, god of the underworld, and where we get our word plutocratic from. Even if some of us have no planets in Scorpio when we were born, we all have Pluto lurking in our charts and a ‘house’ (section of our horoscope) ruled by it. Some aspect of our nature and life awaiting, sooner or later, transformation and rebirth. No wonder there was the rise of psychotherapy in the 1930’s when Pluto was discovered.

Oh, and in case you wondered, Pluto may have been demoted as a planet (for now anyway) but is still very operational in our psyches and cycles of life. Business as usual! The old Greek gods disliked hubris – arrogance – from its mortals, so maybe the orthodox scientific world can expect a shake up from them. If we liken the old gods, which we named the planets after, to strong archetypes and characters within our psyches, then some breakthrough of discovery in the scientific world may be due particularly in the arena of quantum physics and the ‘invisible’ worlds. It may come as a shock to some scientists more rigid outlook on the building blocks of life and ‘God’s’ place in it.  Pluto was also discovered at the time of the breaking of the atom and exploration into atomic power.

Scorpio rules passion and the usage of it. The underbelly of life! How do we want to use our power, personally and collectively?  I feel we first need to recognize the shadow side of action and learn to not project it onto war and into blame. We so easily do this, at home and in the world of politics and government.

AS one example, Pluto is forming a strong opposition to Mars, god of war, in the USA’s horoscope. It’s a slow moving transit – as we have seen – and there is this sense of being stretched thin at present, and a ‘nobody wins’ situation.

We are told there is a world energy crisis; more to the point we don’t know how to use energy effectively and wisely, or even what to use it for.

Finding Purpose now is the message for this Autumn – the best use of passion. By pruning the unnecessary and the distractions from our lives, we have a golden opportunity to put claim to a part of us, which may not have seen the light of day in Pluto’s realm, and channel it into a new attitude, talent, project or cause. Often, when we experience a major crisis in life and the meaning has gone out of things, we say or think “What’s the point?” When death comes to take a loved one from us, we start questioning our beliefs and sometimes feel we “know nothing!” It can take a long time to resonate with the saying, ‘God gave us  memories that we may have roses in December.’

In some ways, regardless of how easy or hard life has been for us, there is something about this time period which is maturing us in a completely new way. What are you choosing to be – a creator or a reactor?

By the time we reach 2008, Pluto will be completing its sojourn in Sagittarius where it has been since 1996 It is a cycle of extremism in the arena of belief systems, religions, and ‘might makes right’. Each sign of the zodiac has its repertoire of key words and associations. Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, philosophies, foreign affairs and mindsets. With Pluto raising power issues, the arena of those subjects has been quite some battleground.  The slogan ‘With us or against us’ regarding terrorism sums it up.

This is a good time to think about how we as individuals will choose to live the next year. We may not be able to make profound changes on the world stage, but neither should we live in fear of the ‘other’ out there. As Ghandi once said “We have to become the change we seek.”

And it begins, like charity, at home. Mindsets on a small scale, become big ones when we come more from the heart. The question every time is: What would love do?

We still have Saturn in Leo until later next year 2007; grounding the messages from the heart and learning the language of them in real ways, becomes increasingly important now.

So, at this present time as we move towards the latter part of October and we experience a big medicinal dose of Scorpio, the sign of transformation and rebirth – may I suggest we make our inner power our ‘gentle’ friend, and look at our purpose?

Mercury News!

On the 28th October until 18th November, we have the ‘interesting’ phenomenon of Mercury in retrograde motion. This occurs 3 times a year, so you will hear me mention this again. Very useful to know about and make a note of.

Anything beginning with the prefix ‘re’ applies.  Re-visit, re-do, re–think, renovate, renew etc. On a good note, it’s a time when we can find things we lost, people come back into our lives, and, sometimes, if we are away from home, i.e. another country, you tend to return to it.  Conversely, it’s vital you double check things, back up files, be clear in communications and agreements, try to avoid major decision making – wait until Mercury has gone direct – and use your right brain more. Machinery, computers, cars etc, may need repairs. Okay, it’s not cast in stone, but be aware of these possibilities. Intuition and creativity are heightened .

In individual horoscopes, it will highlight specific areas to take care with and re-assess.

More soon! Keep checking in….. Ysanne

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