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Dec 05


Hello my Friends and Clients. As we approach the passing of another year it seems timely  to look at the changes afoot in the heavens and how we can heed their wise messages. We are all interconnected with the cosmos  and with each other. Surely, by aligning with the bigger cycles in nature and with the …

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Aug 02

August And The Eclipses – Clearing The Decks

    I wanted to write about this pivotal time as I believe changes come at the right time, in the heavens and in our lives. Understanding the language of the planets and their messages gives us valuable clues for growth, and handling new chapters. I hope you find this helpful and, of course, timely! Dip back into this …

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Feb 21

Trusting our Inner Timekeepers In A Time Of Change: by Ysanne Lewis

  Welcome to my first blog of 2017! And welcome to my new book  “The Time Catcher.” It is lovely to be  in touch with you again. I have been amiss in not writing for a few months, but I was immersed in writing my book  “The Time Catcher.”  I  was thrilled to have  this published …

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Aug 31

September’s Eclipse Opportunity Path – and Us.

 SOLAR ECLIPSE –  UPGRADING OUR VIEWPOINTS      On the eve of the monthly New Moon it seems significant to write a few lines about its importance as this month we have two eclipses – they come as a pair! On the New Moon tomorrow morning  September 1st at 10.30 am BST we have the solar …

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Jul 06

Summer and the planets – Embracing Uncertainty with Creative Vision

       Hello  and welcome to my insights on  this pivotal  half way  point in 2016 !   Uncertainty and the inner compass Fractures – letting light and space in Referendum in United Kingdom Summer outlook astrologically Mars highlighting new  plans from chaos.       Well, change is in the air for  sure this year. When  faced …

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May 02


This month of May brings a sense of new fertility and creativity to mind  A month of general re wiring of our thoughts and values is approaching which will help to unravel some of the uncertainties around..  Also,  in the northern hemisphere abundance and joy in nature’s growth and increased warmth. So what are the planets …

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Mar 07

March’s two Eclipses – how they affect you and your direction

I COULDN’T let this week go by without sharing my insight on these remarkable eclipses at the New and the Full Moons this month. Eclipses clear out what needs to be cleared out casting their effects beforehand and for many months afterwards. Where their path is  most visible we can expect to see more obvious events  …

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Dec 19

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Astrological Newsletter from Ysanne Lewis

Hello Again and Happy New Year!        The planetary cycles and angles tell stories, past and future, of change,  revivals and opportunities for dissolution of old and new awakenings within individuals and on the world stage. .Do  have a read, if you haven’t already, of my  astrological and timing take on 2016!   In this post …

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Sep 26


SUPER MOON The planets are weaving lovely, if somewhat challenging, patterns in the heavens this early autumn (spring in the southern hemisphere.) More than usual they are active in our personal and collective psyches. Earlier this month we had the solar eclipse  and two  weeks on  we are about to experience the lunar eclipse  – the …

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Jul 11

Renewing Beauty and Balance in our Lives This Summer

Hello Again! These next two months are indeed inspiring ones of courage and of a revaluing of what we have. Also,  of what we might be missing or need to release. Yes, you may have noticed I  am still using words which start with ‘re’. In my last post I talked about Mercury, our inner …

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