May 11


Hello Again!


How are you viewing the world and yourself? I doubt I am exaggerating when I say that many of us are feeling a bit off kilter. Some like that feeling and some don’t. Which camp are you in?

It’s been a topsy turvey world of late anyway.  In my last blog  I mentioned the solar eclipse in March which was followed by the lunar one in early April. The latter eclipse highlighted and triggered the cracks ready to be addressed in relationship, not just personal ones, but in organisations, bureaucracy and the Earth’s  crust. Are we getting used to the unexpected and through it drawing on latent talents and ideas?

Eclipses zap the Earth’s energy field and thus our bodies and, in the gap that opens in our consciousness at those times, endings and beginnings take place.  Nepal was and is a tragedy. Where have your major or minor earth tremors been?

What can be mended  or needs time and what purely needs acceptance and allowing? What new  ‘land’ can emerge from upheaval ? What stirrings in the psyche are  at work? Are you excited about them and  acting upon them or resisting and feeling stale?

A great many mirrors are shining their images back to us at present. All reflect our personal energies, from money to love and how we move and turn problems into inventive solutions.

The Full Moon on 4th May, following on from the duo eclipses, was in Scorpio giving an opportunity to delete old programmes and wake up to things we hadn’t realised as important. A bright idea may seem just that, but  maybe at this time it is coming from a bigger collective source. Time seems to be moving faster and compulsively even. I feel this is particularly so if we resist  the quickening process of recognising and getting to know ourselves in new ways! When matters escalate greatly in the world it is vital we take responsibility at those times for our own  changes and openness to new awareness. Easier said than done when habits and busyness run us daily. If you feel you are changing fast and expanding, than it makes sense time seems to be changing. Without bodies we don’t know time. But in bodies it is part of the human condition to have an intricate relationship with it. We see time as external to us but maybe we ourselves affect it?

There is a big pull between Saturn and Neptune – the principles of structure and old ways born from fear, and the  dissolving of attachments to form and the known this year. With the faster moving planets, Mercury and Mars, angling in to create more arguments at a mental and decision making level this late spring it is vital we stay still in any fog of our own  making or of  others  and not get lost in meandering pathways and concepts. Clear the hearth to allow bright embers to ignite! A lot of peace is accessible now if we do this. We can switch from overload to neutral to peace very quickly if we allow this. Meditation and the like are great tools but sometimes just recognising that choice is ours clears ‘the  tricky moment’ very easily.

So, as the planets are always messengers  there to guide and trigger what at heart we know already,  yet need reminding of,  as we get close to the second half of 2015 what are we being drawn to? Rather like a new act or at least anew  scene in a  drama we greet  our inner actors  with new scripts and scenery. Are you doing that?

Venus, so lovely as morning and evening star, has a great history of wearing many garments of guise in her role as multifaceted female power. She rules, love, money, creativity and gardens and yes, in love everything is sunny and bathed in a golden glow, whether in love with beauty, a person or an object or acquisition, but even she needs the rhythm of the shadows. So, astronomically,  from time to time she retreats into her ‘underworld’, in what is called retrograde motion  preferring to honour her wounds and the  darker aspect of love. The myths tell these stories, a mirror of the mathematics and astronomy of this planet.

At these times we are called towards  a special initiatory process:  to revalue our selves,  how we  love and  our relationship to self and others. We can be more sensitive to loss, rejection and betrayal. at this time. As early as June 21st, we start to feel her deeper nature, and when she retrogrades on July 25th until September 6th  we have the opportunity to value ourselves in more authentic  ways and to shine our beauty and abundance from the heart and not avoid pain when it emerges. During this time Venus is in the sign of Leo which can encourage pride and ego, so let’s shine our light in ways that benefit the bigger picture too – neither neglecting our own needs or those of  others.  There is plenty of love and heart to go round isn’t there? In her retrograde phase she is the warrior queen, less interested in the pretty image and harmony but more in getting to know her real values and relationship to her self. As a result people can re-appear in our lives so as to resolve, heal , understand ,  past issues. Intimacy issues, changes of heart in relationship can also occur.

Money matters may also be given new and different values. If we feel self love and inner richness we can than  receive more easily. This summer Venus  connects up with expansive Jupiter in Leo amplifying our need to honour our specialness and not hide our light.  Let’s make this a special summer in the sense of  reclaiming and re identifying  with new eyes an area of life which has got resentful, dried up or impoverished. The well sometimes has to empty to refill… Whichever area of your own birth chart this  retrograde Venus time falls in will be the arena to review how you give and receive emotionally and creatively.

With Mercury in retrograde motion from 18th May to 11th June we get a rehearsal of kinds to learn to work with the prefix ‘Re.’ Unplug media more,  get out of left brain mode more so we don’t overload our circuits, and start seeing what is really in front of us. The element of air is strongly accented with planets in that element now so remember to ground your ideas and and breathe deeply! Stand back a little, observe and. with humour. watch seeming chaos or hitches somehow make a new  and more timely pattern. The old ways won’t work!  There will be surprising new connections and the tapestry will start to take shape, even if we can’t see the invisible hand that is  weaving it!

The picture in the world is at least and at most  a confusing one. The best way of living in it is not to get caught up in that confusion and media hype. Things are changing very fast and maybe our role as individuals is to  re avaluate at a deeper level things we take for granted  or which we are not being authentic about. To have true intimacy and connection with others authenticity is essential.

In my last post, I talked about the need for useful stories to guide us. We all have stories which run us and which we tell ourselves regularly so let’s make them useful ones!

I truly think this is a very creative time if we put our imagination and a new understanding of our values in the right places.


On that note if you would like  a perspective on what these  astrological influences are showing up in your birth charts at this  time I am here to assist you in matters of timing – whether for start ups, events, decisions or general clarity.

Family dynamics and relationships are undergoing transformation and new needs  now,  along with other areas of life  since the lunar eclipse on April 4th,  so a look at you and your family’s charts can be valuable to  give  a new and fresh approach to decisions and needs.

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Mar 19

The Total Solar Eclipse And You – New Directions


This is a big news week planets wise! In fact this period from  mid March to mid April is a turning point for us at quite a few levels. And my job is to translate this astronomical language into everyday words and their resonance with life here on Earth!  Something I have been doing for the past 36 years, enjoying acting as a navigator and bridge between what is above and what is below…


This week – 17th March – saw the 7th and final exact square – 90 degree angle- between two major planetary players, the quick fix, impatient, rebellious  Uranus and clearing house,  transformative rather ruthless Pluto. They have been forming this tricky angle since early summer 2012 –  playing with our heads a  bit.  Nothing seems certain, and the world seems in two camps: taking risks and  huge change,  or  clinging  on to falling rocks by acting from  fear and staying ‘safe’. Maybe a bit of a generalization but I am sure we can recognise those factors. Have they encouraged you to think outside the box  more and be your own guide on your magical journey? I hope so for when we use courage, magic happens…

This configuration – and its impact doesn’t disappear overnight –  has hurtled us into the dark moon time this week  leading up to the New Moon on Friday 20th. This is an especially powerful New Moon as it coincides with a solar eclipse and. as due to the Moon’s declination, it totally obscures the face of the Sun, it is called a total one. The Sun takes a back seat and so does our everyday consciousness. The Moon, in astrological language,  governs our past, unconscious patterns and habitual responses and wants a big say now. It will be completely total over northern Europe, Arctic, north Africa and Western Asia, but its significance affects us all as a whole of course.

Solar eclipses occur twice yearly, and  we see this one  leading onto a lunar eclipse at the full Moon on 4th April.  You will notice a two week period of releasing and new expression if you are mindful and cooperate with your inner cycles which the Moon wisely links with!


What are we  learning this spring about overdue change – essentially self change regarding mind sets and self responsibility? Be mindful that this eclipse  affects the Earth’s and our bodies electromagnetic fields ( hence  a feeling of unusual tiredness and being drawn into our inner world) is happening at the last degree and last sign of the zodiac – Pisces – to be followed thirteen hours late by the vernal, if we are in the northern hemisphere and autumn if we are in the southern, equinox. The  tides turn in nature and in our bodies and souls. I would like to suggest that we don’t resist these sea changes in our lives. Rarely has the saying ‘going with the (bigger) flow’ been more applicable!

This last degree of Pisces and of the natural calendar year is a big clearing house  offering the possibility of renewal following dissolution of the old.

On the world stage ? Well, we will see. Eclipses can certainly mirror on Earth demises and upheavals and history bears this out but nothing is cast in stone and I am more interested in encouraging my self and others to take responsibility for the inner critic, bully, victim, and their conflicts etc. This, ultimately  and holographically,  influences the whole and a quantum leap can occur.


What I  am finding of beauty this March with the afore described cosmic picture is that at this sensitive degree of the zodiac we have greater access to  higher dimensions – the doors of perception are wider – and for us all whatever our day contains  maybe we should take time tomorrow morning around 9.36 am GMT and also over the weekend, to be in a quiet receptive state, be in nature, turn down volume on outer life and be mindful of the insights we get. We can start now and continue with intent until April 4th at the lunar eclipse which highlights relationships and how we confront matters.

Because the Moon represents our inheritance and karma be aware that things and old patterns can rear their heads. Observe but don’t react and, by allowing this, move on. See it like the dance of shadow and light!

Above all, fear needs addressing now. Fear feeds off our capacity to be centered and heartful.  Remember, if you are coming from fear you will always be part of the audience!

Some part of you is giving birth now and somehow it will feel familiar… The inner world is more in power now than the external world and the ego may find that a bit scarey. Knowing you are part of the soul of the universe (uni = one) enables you to surrender to the part of you that is bigger than you think you are, and let more light into the parts that you avoid thus feeling toxic with,  whether physically or emotionally.


In my last blog I addressed the retrograde movement of Mercury. The prefix ‘Re’ before actions and decisions was important to allow into our lives for the three weeks  from  22nd January – 12th February. Mercury was in the sign of Aquarius  We have two more Mercury retros this year – May 18th – June 11th and 17th September – 9th October. I am mentioning these early on as it occurs to me they are happening also  in Air signs of the zodiac  – Gemini and Libra respectively.  These cover the period between the equinoxes and also the cycle of the solar and lunar eclipses in the spring and  autumn.

The mind and thought patterns are up for reviewing at these times. Linking in with the on going theme of inner  fresh air and finding useful stories to adopt,  I would like to suggest addressing  subtle re wiring of old thought pattern, bringing our minds back to neutral from time to time so we can see what is really in front of us without the filter of old stories, and being more mindful of our breathing and observation powers.

The Invitation

The invitation to look a little deeper at our own more primal and vulnerable side, to stop trying and to hand what we don’t know over to our higher self if only for a small time can be oddly  refreshing. Don’t make it complicated! Silence can be full too, but a good full!

Clarity can be painful but liberating, leading to the authentic self which leads to a healthy new intimacy with others.  So, a powerful  month for us all. How lovely if the insights we glean now, replacing tensions and fears and indecision,  can be replaced with healthy excitement and inner fresh air.



 If you feel your life is changing and your astrological map  would benefit from a look at  timing and new insights do contact me. Timing is everything, isn’t it? And I am here to guide  you at this special junction in the year.

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With my  Warm Wishes






Dec 17

Wishing You Happiness and Ease in 2015 – Happy Christmas


I hope you enjoy my  Solstice News  musings!


AS we approach the winter solstice  on 21st  December at 23.03 pm GMT in the northern hemisphere,( and, if you are in the southern one  do say ‘hello’ to the warm weather from me,)  our souls and bodies  try to remind us to slow down  into a more paced  rhythm and to honour the solstice.

The word sol-stice means ‘Sun standstill’ and, just as the Sun holds the centre of our solar system, our astrological Sun is the central axis and core of our inner cosmos. Hence a good time these next few days  to re- connect  with that light within which can guide us, reflect and locate our footing!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you  an  easy, enjoyable passage into 2015.

And…. THANK you my friends and clients for encouraging me in my work and in your lovely periodic feedback regarding my readings and blogs!

When I reflect on the nature of my career ( do you reflect on yours?) I weigh up many factors and conclude that, as an astrologer and  acting like a bridge between the macro and micro worlds, my art /science/navigation tools, remind me I do not just run a business but  that I am being of service, using as I do one of the oldest professions in the world. I am so grateful for choosing this pathway when I was twenty seven. And grateful for it having chosen me…. for my interesting clients, whether they require personal  readings, business start up timings, website launches, financial investing, and – my favourite – childrens’ readings for  parents to use as inspirational tool boxes in the growing years.

Think on this a moment:  When we align with planetary patterns and our own inner cycles, the beautiful key exists in seeing their connection which our bodies know but which our minds so often interfere with. When we feel that connection we also feel we are part of the bigger picture;  when we don’t we feel isolated.  My job is to help you reconnect and work in cooperation with your inner map and the link with the  on going story of the cosmos. Cells within cells, worlds within worlds…! We operate better when we know this. Our timing is better.

HERE  are just  a few pointers to know about as we  journey into the new year… At the time of the winter solstice,  and when the Sun enters Capricorn, we have a New Moon almost on top of it  two hours later at 1.35 am GMT on 22nd December,  highlighting the importance of handling our authority with wisdom and recognition. Capricorn doesn’t much like showing its vulnerability so if  we have our Suns, Moons, rising -ascending –  signs or Venus in that sign we have the opportunity to express that more in a self respectful,  self compassionate, but not in an out of control way.

And of course that applies to the world at large.  Capricorn’s  ruler, Saturn, likes us to be real and and to manage and not run away from our fears and dreams.  Capricorn invites us to get our priorities right, and take a closer look at how authoritative conditioning in our lives from past or present doesn’t aid the authentic self. Guilt and blame – the scapegoats – (which link with the downside of Capricorn’s symbol of the goat…)  are great excuses to not take responsibility which is a Capricorn /Saturn positive trait.


Saturn, at this winter solstice time, is entering Sagittarius for the next 30 months and, as Sagittarius governs principles, over the top opinions, and a  ‘wax lyrical’ approach to high ideals,  as well as adventure, higher learning and optimism, we all have much to learn (not just Sagittarian  born people)  from this transit.

Saturn takes us to  task in Sagittarius regarding sitting in  judgment, being attached to being right, black and white scenarios, and placing ourselves into teacher or preacher mode. It will be so interesting to see what changes occur on the world stage with those issues. Something has to  change regarding religious themed and principled themed conflicts. Again it comes down to how useful on a larger scale these matters are. Humbly walking one’s talk without glory or getting lost in the mystique of words or philosophies, will prove liberating.

It would be nice if leaders, renegade fighters and indeed our inner rebels and messiahs recognise this too!

Uranus goes direct in motion on 22nd December after months of retrograding, coinciding with the sixth of seven quadrant angles with Pluto.  Maybe we will feel a need for clearing out the past and its stale thoughts and allow the  ushering in of the innovator and maverick in us!  On 16th December we felt the impact of this sixth of the seven 9o degree angles between Uranus and confrontational Pluto.  The shocking tragedy in Pakistan occurred.  Issues to be resolved are being brought to our attention.

The seventh is in mid March.  The future does not have to follow the past, if consciousness rises. By then we can get a greater perspective on these planetary angles which started in early 2012. Surely, free will means using our will not to conform to the past?

Pluto entered Capricorn  – first degree in 2008 -six years ago – when we saw big cracks emerge and a global financial crisis due in part to mismanagement of funds by those in authority.  We still feel reverberations and fear the same might happen. Getting a healthier relationship with money and handling it better is the key. this solstice when the Sun and Moon are at that same degree, let us reflect on the richness inside us.

Whatever shape your life is in this set of planetary configurations now lends itself to taking better charge of managing what we have and want. The inner parent can be a helpful guide now!

Indeed, next year as  a whole  will be important for  the next level of change,  new consciousness and new forms of communicating with the enemy within and outside.

But dealing with conflict starts within ourselves and being creative with it.  Choosing not to bottle it up and thus seeing it projected, or distracting ourselves from over due decisions will become necessary. Saturn in Sagittarius will remind us of this in 2015/16.

The message of this winter solstice,  along with the loud messages being given now by the behaviours of the afore mentioned planets, is to take some quiet time and, as the pendulum settles for a moment, get clear on what you don’t want, especially from inside of you, and clear the decks a bit allowing new, useful  stories and a kinder sense of your own authority to emerge. We live in a world nowadays – the cycle kicked in in the mid 60’s – where connectedness is everywhere but maybe .. there is less intimacy and personal contact. use this solstice time to re=connect with self and with what is truly valuable to you. Forget ‘playing to the audience!’

So, take a little time out each day for LIFE.  Remember : “Life is something that happens to you whilst you’re making other plans,”  so choose creative gaps in your day  to let your soul have a say..

As  by now you  know I love quotes,  I came across one the other day by a John Wanamaker which made me chuckle a little:

“People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for  illness”

Recreation : to  re – create.  Life and our bodies need to re charge each day (Nature is a prime example) so whatever makes you feel creative and alive just do it, if only for a few minutes.  It’s not always about extra sleep, nice though that is;  if you enjoy something it gives you good energy and you are living in the moment –  a healthy state.

I wish you a Healthy, Creative and Loving 2015!


PS:  I would love to hear from you in the New Year  if I can help with direction, timings and insight! What does your personal journey look like  as it intertwines with the cosmic one? Do you want to align better with it?

Nov 14




Time is a strange and wonderful thing – and it’s what keeps everything from happening at once.

The robbers of time are the past and future! Think on that for a moment or two. How often are we in the present moment and in alignment with our inner timekeepers and natural diaries? in small ways and our life plan?

There is outer clock time and our unique inner timing. To me astrology is the Queen of timing – the cycles set into motion at the start and birth of a person, business, event, decision and their patterns of  future troughs and peaks.  Going with the flow is great yet it also helps to work with our inner Sat Nav or GPS  which is intrinsically linked with the planetary cycles. Navigating them is a skill which I have learned to bring to my work  and am constantly amazed at the divine order and maps between the macro and micro worlds.

As we draw closer to the end of this calendar year I thought I would highlight the shared journey we are all on as mirrored by the planets and their timely cycles.

In prior blogs I talked about the sequence of tense ‘squares’ (90 degree angles) between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries covering spring 2012 to spring 2015.  Pluto can mirror our collective fear base  and Uranus in Aries the drive for a quick fix and impulsive behaviour. Their initial conjunction in a 150 year cycle  was seeded in the mid 60’s, a time of massive shifts societally, nutritionally (the start of processed food) and  individualism and liberation. Now in its quarter aspect we see fall out from that and also the increase from normal warfare to cyber warfare. What have we learned and gained? A new understanding of what freedom means , and a heightened concern with what we are putting into our bodied from the earth take precedence now.

We have changed, the world has changed and so our options have also changed. It is vital now we can take timely risks and go through new doors and not allow the past to rule us with its habits and fears.  It can be easier than we think…

These dynamic, quite explosive, angles completing their  squirmish and indecisiveness mission next March ask of us to risk being more alive by then by willingly stepping with excitement, not fear, through the doorways awaiting us.  Is the new portal more acceptable than clinging onto falling rocks? We all have ‘edges’ where we get edgy and draw back. In the past that might have been okay and time served us that way. now it is different and if we feel lost, out of alignment and stuck, take a new look at that edge.  When you use non-resistance with wisdom nothing can walk over you!

With Saturn leaving its two and a half year sojourn in Scorpio on December 23rd we collectively shift from the digging deep – or resistance to – of a clearance of abuse patterns, intimacy issues, handling of power and debt,  to its entry into Sagittarius.

For the next two and a half years, with a brief retrograde back into Scorpio between mid June to mid September next year – a good time to do more clearance –  issues to be addressed are woven around walking our talk after making shifts regarding  our personal stories   and belief systems. The clue is in disovering if our stories and beliefs are useful now or rigid and self-sabotaging.

We can expect to see a speeding up of immigration issues, transformation of religious and belief systems and international boundaries and agreements. All institutions or bodied based strongly on belief systems will reveal innate cracks and either know their time is up, or be strengthened if in accordance with these new times. People will be drawn to working or supporting  causes which resonate with their timely path.

Neptune, after a year retrograde in its home sign Pisces, goes direct this 16th November.   Opportunities to rise above confusion and find more peace and release from self doubt are available in the coming weeks. But use the 16th and 17th for reflection moments and you will sense the tide turning with its art of making things simpler for ourselves.

So, yes, these are globally uncertain times, and with the completion of the seven Pluto/Uranus  squares next spring there’s no quick solution. The message though of this overlap time into 2015 asks of us to start being more responsible for our own change and have a  sense of adventure in small and large ways. You know that when we rush too much it is usually because of a sense of urgency. Well, the bigger urgency we sense collectively and the sense of time speeding up necessitates action but in a conscious and willing way. Only we can do it for ourselves – we are stronger now than we know. Open those doorways – the heavens are in agreement!

I came across a lovely set of words (sorry I don’t know who wrote them):

“Today I am feeling like a puzzle piece, wondering what my fuller expression is. I seek to match the contour of my life against the unknown nextness that edges in on me. I am alternately frightened and elated in my knowing that the larger pattern I am yearning to reveal will build itself upon the shape I give this day! ”

I will get back in touch before the end of the year, but as ever I am wishing you gentle and adventurous days ahead.

Don’t  forget with Christmas coming fast, you might consider giving an astrological reading to a relative or friend. There is time for me to do this for you – just get in touch at and I will set this up. The reading would be recorded on CD  to be listened to afterwards. I can do the reading in person, over phone or Skype. A lovely, maybe timely gift .


IN case any of you are local to me in Surrey or would like to make the journey(!) I am giving a mini workshop entitled:

“De-Mystifying Astrology”

This is happening at the lovely BAR DES ARTS, Milmead, Guildford GU1 3YA  on 25th November 2014  at 7.30 pm. £15 including a drink from the bar.

If you are curious and would like to know more about the fascinating Queen of Timing (not me, astrology!) and learn fascinating facts as well as a chance to understand your own birth map, I would love to see you there.  Astrology is often a misunderstood subject, and I feel more than qualified to talk about it and share my knowledge in a simple but revealing way. No pre knowledge of the subject necessary. Bar Des Arts is a very special place in central Guildford, café by day and/cocktail wine bar by night focusing on interesting talks and live music, jazz and other genres, and poetry and drama. A real gem.

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With Warm Wishes





Sep 11

SEPTEMBER’S NEW PERSPECTIVES: Never get used to the ‘usual’!



Recently  we saw a tight pressure cooker of a Mars (action) and  Saturn (constriction) conjunction in the heavens. Sorting out what we can concrete and what is fluffy and time wasting has been important.  That may have given us a reality check!  Certainly discipline and timely restraints trained us to mature a little.

On September 9th  there was a full Moon in Pisces aligned with Chiron. It was a super Moon – we have a few of those into 2015 – and, as supermoons amplify our perspectives on matters and Pisces is the archetypal dreamer,  we are being encouraged  this month to  embrace a loosening up time, indulge in our dreams and lick any of our wounds with discerning vulnerability and self compassion. It’s been a roller coaster of mixed  tidal currents this year with confusions and world tensions, but now it’s time to be gentler on ourselves and others.

Take time to care and nurture the beauty around you.

How do we view ‘normal’?

Normal, perhaps, hasn’t been the norm for many of us  for a while. But here’s a thought … even though we have felt the urge to break out of  familiar, ingrained patterns we can actually  find normality, not in the memories of  things left behind but in each day in whatever comes our way or, hopefully, gets created by ourselves. There it resides and to retrieve it from yesterday makes no sense.

It’s scary how we get used to things, isn’t it? Especially in how we put up with things! I had a cataract operation on my right eye the other week, along with my vision being rectified to see at a distance. Gosh, I had got so used in the last couple of years to a slight blur and thought that was liveable with – it had been gradual after all.  Okay, so what have YOU got used to  and  perhaps in other ways are blurring your lens on life and limiting your perspective?

Many ideologies and mental constructs run our world and are so easily bought into. Too easily we play safe and dismiss the unknown possibilities, the invisible worlds which seem formless to our eyes. We stay in the bubbles  which are labelled ‘let’s avoid pain’, even though pain can  often precede new life.

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 9th aligned with Chiron highlights  the need to  accept waking up to the possible concretion of what we hitherto felt was  unreachable.  The inner statements of,  “how nice it would be if….”, or,  “if only I’d done this earlier in life” –  in other words, expecting and wishing the world to hear us and magically change things!  Re-addressing those thoughts, claiming our dreams and, with curiousity,  greet them and smile at them is being highlighted for us now.  MAKE IT NORMAL TO DO SO!

Mythologically, Chiron was the teacher and healer to the gods and higher mortals, above all teaching compassion.  Its message this September, and indeed into the near future, is  to heal our own wounds, not fester and linger with them;  to re capture our dream and the inner gift which always lies behind a wound. Self acceptance and  acceptance of others foibles and flaws  always follows healing  our attachment to the wound, being responsible for it and not laying the blame at the feet of our pasts or people in our worlds.

Just as with  my ‘new eye’ I started seeing the world differently, as a parallel to this  I also started widening  my world, bringing my work to a bigger audience via speaking and writing  after a relatively quieter time doing my ‘art’ in the normal  way.  Being valued and enjoying the comfort zones my background had provided over three decades was great and stepping into unknown pastures was a bit edgy  and  open to risks. But re-creating self is healthy and rekindles that childhood enthusiasm to see what is round the corner.

I would encourage you my readers  – my clients and friends –  to see vulnerability as creative because,  even though for a while  we ‘don’t know’ consciously  the outcome, (not a nice feeling) we start to recognise that being a creator, not a victim or reactor,  is when we are most alive. Just as the creator /universal intelligence gave us life, so it is that when we are being creative with the life given us we are walking that same path and are truly living.

I have encountered quite a few clients lately who have done just that, faced that vulnerable choice and stepped into the unknown (the unknown only being essentially a lack of self knowledge)  finding they can adjust, once the decision is taken,  to a new perception and perspective within a magical  yet very real new framework. it was there waiting whilst  all the excuses and doubts and fears were chattering away as a powerful distraction and barrier.

I wanted to share with you part of a newsletter I received from Irene Brankin who wrote a  lovely book called “The Visible Woman: More lust, less must.”  I really like this exercise…. and do check out her website www.the   Her perspectives on life are very wise and timely.


“I suggest that you make sure you are in a quiet space (if possible) and make yourself comfortable.  

Simply become aware of your thoughts – don’t change them, they are part of you.  Then check any tension in your body and adjust accordingly.

Finally allow any feelings you are having to become visible and simply acknowledge them.

Then when you feel calm and rested, I’d invite you to allow in the possibility of the legacy you are passing on to future generations – remember this does not mean some magnificent thing (and it may be) that everyone is in thrall to.  It can be something or some way that others will remember you.  It may some talent or gift you used to serve your community or humanity as a whole.  

You have been a Role Model for this – your Legacy.

Breathe into that place inside you that holds the answers – whether in symbols, images, words or even pictures.  Be open to receive whatever comes for you without judgement or censoring.

When you are ready, come out and write or draw what you got.  Perhaps you will be surprised, shocked or grateful for whatever it was.”


Please feel free to leave  a comment in the section below on my post in  about your own possible or actual shift at this time.  This may inspire others and remind you of  finding the beauty of the unknown and how, by being creative in our lives, we find and  belong to a very meaningful universe!

Have lovely days ahead and, if you feel ready for new starts and new self perception, I am here to assist with the ‘queen of timing – which is astrology – and highlight your present and forthcoming cycles of growth and re-creation.

Till soon, Ysanne

Jun 08


Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year  for approx 3 weeks each time. I mention this phenomenon quite often therefore in my blogs , but I find this one – just started – fascinating. Let me explain why – and why at this time…

Mercury went retrograde  yesterday on 7th June,   just when Mars was gathering up speed after its retrograde period for nearly 3 months. Just when decisions and assertion get stronger, our mind sets get a re check and some reflection! It also comes  on top of the dramatic ‘tight’ crossroads – grand cross – of planets in the skies the last week of April. How many boxes and  fears have you chosen to step out of recently? Are you experiencing new inner  freedoms and enjoying the new you? Or, conversely, are you feeling stuck ?

Crossroads are always about choice and this Spring saw a major one. Did you get some realisations of what your authentic self requires now? Even making a stand for your own precious life and allowing yourself to move forward even if it doesn’t please everyone ? Perhaps, as a result, you  surprised yourself by  having turned a corner on your map and liking its terrain!

Retrograde Mercury  (as it retraces previous degrees it has already travelled over) guides us to retrace , reflect and re route . Incomplete  matters need resolution , hence a tip to not push forward too much at this time. Things are not black and white  now and logical thought can prove unsuccessful at times.

This retrograde time sees Mercury in Cancer – the emotional realm – retrograding  back into Gemini – the mental realm- on 17th June, eventually going ‘direct’ on 2nd July. The usual advice applies –  prefix ‘RE’ before words and actions, back up data, double check arrangements and take a review of your life in general. There may be occasion to re visit the past or places, and you can expect the reappearance of people in your life, and find lost objects!

At a deeper level emotional intelligence can be developed more now with this dance between the signs of Cancer and Gemini  going on and as Mercury is good at uniting opposites we have a lovely opportunity to connect up the right and left hemispheres of the brain and our intellect and intuition /feeling life.. After 17th look out for bits of missing information emerging and openings to clarify misunderstandings and communications which may have been brewing when Mercury was in its shadow time the past 2 weeks. Eureka moments pop up so write ideas down because  they are fleet of foot.

The approaching Full Moon in Sagittarius on 13th June 4.11 am GMT links with an opposition between Venus and Saturn and highlights the need to redefine our values and limits and clarify our past mind sets.

Jupiter, winding down its year in Cancer,  asks us to process our links with past, family and heritage.  As we approach mid July when Jupiter enters Leo – for a year-  we can expect to be propelled into a larger sense of self, presence and a re – imagining of our role in life!

Take your time, now though to wisely rectify some matters and be open  and heartful in communications and projects.

Anything re appearing  – be it places you visit now, people or even  unresolved conflicts  –  expect them to be healing and providing you with perspective and flexibility.

I am off to one of my favourite places, Finland – re visiting after 2 years-  to offer my work there for 10 days and re connect with its Spirit!

Keep me posted on your progress over the next few weeks! And, if it is timely to   re visit your birth chart with me  or look at the threads between your past and  where you are on your map  now, do contact me at:



Apr 28

Solar Eclipse Highlighting Our Unusual Times!






AS WE REACH THE END OF THIS UNUSUAL, HIGHPOWERED APRIL we experience the important Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus at 6.14 am ( 7.14 am BST) on 29th.

2 weeks ago we felt the tension of a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon  and a tight configuration of a grand cross of feisty planets, encouraging inner change and  an urgent call to un – stick ourselves from old patterns of response. If we have resisted  the flow of change feeling the weight of ‘ourselves’  is and would have been obvious.

A Solar eclipse is an amplified new Moon and the past wants its acceptance before we move into lighter ways . It helps us to more quickly move through the past obstacles blocking our path.  As long as we choose to  make the appropriate changes necessary ( and, yes, we do know what they are!) So much better to initiate them rather than have them forced on us!

I thought I would  like to highlight some points in my blog at  this time as we go into May!

The Solar eclipse in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus  struggles a little to allow change. It likes to pace itself instead so take a deep breath – find your centre – and, from that steady place,  assimilate the experiences of recent times and allow the eclipse and the coming weeks to make sense of and a new commitment to life and the future . In this earth sign we are asked to connect more deeply with new comfort zones and ‘appropriate’ people and places.  It  feels good when we do that, doesn’t it?

Embracing simple solutions is going to be surprisingly easier than we think.  Many of us have been re tracing steps  and solidifying new beginnings. Impulsively resonating to the past now doesn’t work.

Mercury – the messenger – joins in with the eclipse, bringing in new relevant information and new perspectives awakening us from ‘blind’ states.

People may surprise us by entering and leaving our lives and be assured it is timely. Like actors on a stage there are cues, which,  for our ‘play’ or life story, have to  be timed well for the complete picture to take shape..

Giving attention to practical matters which  support our self worth is timely now as well. Our bodies, homes, finances and possessions provide  an important framework to accompany us  in life so let’s make sure they are valuable in the heart- sense way, looked after and honoured.

Focus on what you really want (simplifying things in your mind helps) and be less concerned with what others think or how they plug the empty holes in us!

Feel at home with you! A solar eclipse in Taurus reminds us to be at home with ourselves and  where we are meant to be at this time.  AND that the past is another country! It anchors and helps growth where and in what ways we need it most. Listen to your inner voice..

As we journey into the coming months remember we are travellers , not tourists. Really experiencing the inner and outer changes as adventurers we can feel a heightened sense of being  enjoyably alive, even with the sometimes chaotic and insecure world  at our doorstep – or in the media!

When in doubt find your centre  and, even though we are constantly dealing with adjustment, know that this month of eclipses and ‘grand crosses’ in the heavens is a truly remarkable month . Even if it looks dire rather than positive  at times  we can be assured new foundations and the possibility of renaissance and re invention have rarely been so available.

More to come! And know I am available for readings to assist you with your timing and decision making at this significant time in 2014…

With my warm Wishes






Mar 07

Ysanne’s astrological news – Shifting gears in rhythm with the planets

Following on from my last post in January, we are  now right in the midst of  revising and redirecting our intentions and mindsets.  So, I thought it was timely  to jot a few lines to remind us of what the planets are impressing on us and to encourage you to create space inside for the shifts at work! With the expansive planet Jupiter moving ‘direct’ now the entrepreneur in us all can have an airing!

I want you to imagine the planets as cars shifting gears after standing still for a while , some going forward , some back at around the same time! It’s an optical illusion but, gosh,  it  really effects  us here on Earth. In my last post I wrote about Mercury being retrograde and urged you to work with the prefix ‘RE’ as much as possible in the 3 week span from 7th February – 1st March.

On 1st March it went direct, but coincided with Mars going  retrograde until  20th May. So… on the one hand we are feeling a need to get moving, especially with projects and communications  and yet, with Mars  pulling on the reins of impulsiveness and action this  Spring and Summer, we  can see quite a few reversals and mishaps.  Using this time  internally as a standstill patch; being  outwardly active but  also  open to the flux of life ‘without effort’ and taking in the moment to look back and observe without judgement,  allows nice synchronicities to happen! “Coincidences are  just one of God’s ways of remaining anonymous”   

Taking the natural course of action without defensiveness  or resistance  allows us to use grace with purpose. The Tao and martial art  approach in our dealings with others is our higher ground now.   Refining how we  handle conflict and inequality and  being aware of what we project onto others will prove essential until late summer. With confrontations and impulsive conflict he /she who initiates first can lose – you will observe  this phenomenon regularly in the world now and in the coming months.

There is a heightened sense of familiarity in new encounters,  and big impacts arising from them. Relationships can seem fated, or come to a natural end this Spring /Summer time. Feeling re routed from our usual course of action will prove quite healthy – do bear that in mind when resistance comes up!  Mars wants  to stir up and in Libra now that conflicts with the desire for Libran diplomacy.

Timely retreat can be the mark of the spiritual warrior and walking away can  sometimes  be the highest ground.  When to push forward and when to pull back takes a lot of wisdom. As we begin to understand others more and walk in their shoes we can initiate things and lead because we are attuned more in cooperation  and understanding of their own nature. We are helped by Venus having entered Aquarius on 5th March enabling us to be more expansive and have an open mind.

With Jupiter going direct on March 6th, we are invited to look again and go back to past opportunities we have left behind.  Areas such as publishing, travel of the mind and body and entrepreneurship want and are ready for expansion and should roll smoothly.  Saturn  going retrograde in early March  firms up and makes clear what is worthy of our past efforts – and what isn’t.  I feel that what with the dance going on with  Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the looming Uranus/Pluto quadrant angle (tension) on April 8th, there is a lot of back and forth movement and the need to unhassle  and untangle a build up of confusion, misunderstanding and  even unnecessary fear.  It’s okay to say we don’t know and thus allow insight to come into that void.

A last note:  the New Moon on March 1st sets the stage for the following four weeks – In Pisces, we are urged to create a bridge between the real and what’s also possible!  With  Neptune, its ruler, lined up in conjunction at that  time, dreams and ideals   become important. Again, create bridges and take first steps or revisit lost, healthy  opportunities. Not rushing our fences, creating new responses to old problems and being more in the moment are good axioms this Spring time. As the poet said,  “What is this world if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?”  Strangely, everything gets done if we relate to it with grace and poise. Not easy at this time of ‘sliding doors’  and outer pressure but  a creative challenge to embrace! Creating new habits out of the dusty outmoded patterns and daily responses serves well now. As Aristotle once  said: “We are what we repeatedly do! “

Wishing you happy surprises and special moments …






Jan 18




Have you been hearing – apart from  within yourself – that 2014 came in very definitely?  By that, I mean we were IN IT without getting blurry  and  mistaking it for 2013 when  we need to write the date etc!  2013 actually feels a long time  ago. I think so anyway. So, what does the mirror of the planets  and their scripts have to tell us?
We are in the midst of some dynamic crossfires and crossroads between the slow moving planets Uranus and Pluto. In every day language there is an on going 90 degree – tension – angle between them  giving us the quest to ‘show up’ and create fresh models of  thought, attitude and action for tomorrow. The past year or so has bred a certain element of fear regarding change  – and thus  impulsive reactions or risk taking.  Self doubt crept in for some of us. Now we are ready to think more outside the box in a life affirming way rather than  feeling like we are being tossed around by different  currents.
How exciting! Even uncomfortable sets of corrections can be timely. And this year is all about regularly tapping into the inner compass, thinking clearly for ourselves and allowing this big 90 degree  aspect to challenge and motivate us in ways we grow to like. It’s new territory but can become familiar as we go through this year.
January 1st began with a  New Moon.  A New Moon occurs once a month but is auspicious at this date.  There is a push forward to learn and work with the vision of seizing the moment when we feel its pull.
No time to rest on our laurels or procrastinate!  We have got used to a certain uncertainty, personally and collectively, and, if we can look at life through a different lens now and not fear  or scuttle into old habits life, quite honestly, will be on our side. Like the idea?
Okay, so let’s look at dividing 2014 into two halves: The first half sees 3 planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars (the personal ones!) in what we astrologers call retrograde motion. An optical illusion like sitting on a stationary train and seeing the train next to us move but subjectively feeling we are the one moving. And the expansive planet Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer. Briefly, we are wise to prepare the ground well , re evaluate,  get to know the inner workings of our goals, vision, and, indeed, ourselves!  Our inner home and land need some refreshing. But we can do this in a paced way and even enjoy getting to know in a renewed manner many aspects of us. This is advisable as, when we greet the Summer, Jupiter moves on into dramatic Leo for the next  12 months. How lovely is it to come on stage all sparkly and ready! And not too clogged with old trappings!
So, till  the Summer, watch for over reacting to things and rushing your fences.  When timing, auspicious  happenings and ‘happy surprises’  occur:  “Coincidences are just  one of Gods ways of remaining  anonymous! “
  So simplifying things these  next few months would be a good agenda.
Venus is retrograde (since Dec 21st )  till January 31st. Venus is about  love, relating, values and money.  So, re – evaluate now and watch for  people re-appearing in your life!  ‘Fated’ connections – meant to be – turn up. Noticed that yet?  And a sense of familiarity around meetings and new people. Think back to end of 2005 early 2006 and see links …  In business, re evaluate strategies to break free of stifling circumstances. With Venus in the sign of Capricorn, go deeply and honestly at this time. Ghosts of past things bring us messages and reveal lessons.   Time for intimacy with ourselves is good now.
What is ESSENTIAL  for your happiness now?  What are your real values ? Personal values – self, people, places, beliefs are – in the  re evaluating process now.  Money is important but is it and your earning power reflecting these values?
Mars goes ‘retro’ from March 1st to 20th May – try to make some solid decisions before it starts that process as things can  backfire a bit if you initiate impulsively. Putting brakes on within those dates works – let others, especially combatants, or competitors, make the first move. You will win – for  who fires first loses at this time! Obviously, careful planning and being prepared are exceptions. Mentally being a martial artist or tai chi player serves you now. Look at your weaknesses and strengthen up . Relationships with blind spots and shadows  which we have masked over with the veneer of politeness, peace and diplomacy  may show up as important situations to blow fresh air into.  The world may be needing  a brake job to take a look at  some of the tangles it has created.
Between Feb 6th and 28th Mercury is retrograde . Use the prefix ‘RE’ before actions and thoughts. Do a general MOT on machinery/ technology  and read small print. Re assess and revisit ideas and places. Old opportunities could pop up, and present ones  get changed.  Check details. A great time for rectifying and using your right hemisphere brain power.
 Including the ‘shadow’ periods when Mercury,  Venus and Mars retrace the degrees they retrograded over, the whole period from now till mid July should be seen and used as an opportunity to rectify and to interface between the messages from both the inner and outer world. Planets cluster together as we approach later April forming 90 degree angles to Uranus and Pluto so, with the volatility it brings in it wake, be centred and pro active rather than re active.
More of that Spring period in my next blog….
If we see this year as truly transformational  and work with fresh attitudes  2014 could prove very inspiring for us all.
To Sum up  the key words for this year:
Positive traits to work with – wise risk taking, and creative breakthroughs, nurturing  new projects and self so in 2nd half of year more full frontal!
Negative traits to avoid – projection of inner fears, escapism/addiction to habits, refusing change.
SO … if you would like more clarification, as this is just an overview, do contact me at
I am available for personal  and business consultations  in person, or by phone or skype.
Enjoy this next New Year of your Life!

Nov 08




So… here we are in the midst of Eclipses, the 4th of  7 ninety  degree angles between feisty Uranus and confrontational Pluto and the tail end of Mercury’s 3 week retrograde cycle.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster recently.  How turbulent, or just exciting, is dependent on how real we are with ourselves and our lives. Whose script are we acting out!? The wake up calls – health, relationships, money etc – have been getting gradually louder if we  have put out heads in the sand these past months….

Essentially,  it is a liberating time period this  late autumn;  an opportunity to stop acting like hamsters on a wheel – or the like – and be aware of the dangers of  not recognising when things are overdue for change.  The  tense astrological aspects at work help us make overdue decisions and break patterns and addictions. I am sure we have found that if we don’t then others around us do it for us. Or our bodies give us a wake up call and so on! Playing victim now doesn’t solve it and we are fast finding that. Time to gently and willingly take charge of our own lives.  What a fascinating time for discovering and re inventing ourselves.

The recent hybrid solar eclipse (Nov 3rd) in Scorpio combined with Mercury retrograde in that sign bring out the detective and psychologist in us all. These  wise teachers  are saying:  “Let’s re work things and re frame them. Let’s go deeper into  what we have avoided in ourselves and re consider an aspect of self and the world  we have been afraid to look at,choosing to see it in an entirely NEW way”.

The intensity of late,  much of it run by fear, begins to lessen as we  move through November 10th.  Have we been feeling overwhelmed  because we have  been ignoring inner signals         which were suggesting change and release? Or have we  chosen to go a different route and indeed  even dared to take some chances and opportunities, knowing we are more than ready?Excessive tiredness recently can suggest too much of doing things in old ways and even doing too much because of fear of loss and security.

This is a great time for individual growth and this growth starts to spill over into the bigger field assisting, without our trying, other people and the community as a nice result.

The ego gets a chance to feel comfortable with assisting our selves now and by not distracting ourselves in fixing others, or feeling over obligated to them. Before we can step forward with our lives, we need to attend to our own awakening, to take a special breath and know the world won’t die without our attention during that choice time!

Mercury goes direct in its motion on November 10th. Look back at the past 3 weeks and how you have employed the prefix  ‘RE’ in  your actions and intents.  Mercury goes retro 3 times a year and this one  since Oct 21st, has amplified the emotions and the things which drive us. How have they been serving us – or not?

How many discoveries have you been making? Especially about what is important at core.  How  far do we go sometimes in placing value and stress on  the areas  that unconsciously run us!

I like to think of this Autumn as quite magical  if we are open to doing things differently and  if we are adventurers at heart and  see the humour in how seriously we sometimes take ourselves.

The coming Full Moon on 17th November harnesses the balancing creative force of Taurus enabling us to get a full perspective on the last few months.

Wishing you lovely days ahead.


Ps:  With Christmas rapidly approaching, do give a thought to offering an astrological reading with me as a special gift to friends and family in person or over the phone!



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